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    1913 Maxwell 50/6

    Yes- This is that Car. Do you know any of it's history? Regards Kit Maxwell 1909 Wolseley Siddeley. 1929 Buick Tourer 1951 Bentley 1973 Citroen D
  2. Kit Max

    1913 Maxwell 50/6

    I am happy to email pictures of the car. Please give to me your email address. The car was restored in the early 1980's and is exactly as the original Flanders and Maxwell Brochures picture and describe. Because it has been on static display for many years some recommissioning is required , but is now nearly completed. I hope to be motoring in a few days. The car is branded Maxwell, but also has Flanders markings. My email is;
  3. I am recommissioning this car which is original. (When new a rebranded Flanders 6). Does anyone have a copy of an owners manual that i may purchase a copy of please?