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  1. Hi everyone, just to tell you some updates about the caddy. IT FINALLY RUNS GREAT. Yes, I found the right person to adjust the carburator, the points, the advance, to change a couple wires, move the coil from the engine block to the firewall. Now, the car runs smooth, doesnt smoke and doesnt smell like gas. So I'm happy. thanks again for your help and I wont forget the people who sent me parts from the US. Remember you will always be welcome here in my Chateau to taste some old Cognac. Emmanuel
  2. Thanks Dave for all your explanation. I just took the Cad for a spin after putting my new carburator in. I didnt touch any adjusting screws. The result is simple. The car starts great, no black smoke for 5 minutes, then car starts getting hot, black smoke appears, but not much. After 15 min, I drive and its not bad but not prefect as in the past. Then after 20 min, the coil is burning hot ( can't touch it by hand ) and the car is missing a lot, quite impossible to drive actually. So, I guess I need to adjust the idle Mixture screws, also the fast idle cam, making sure the choke is closed when I do it. I also need to check if everything is properly grounded...but I'm not an electrician...maje sure the points are set right...ect..ect... The ballast resistor doesnt do any difference, so I disconnected it. At some point, I thought the firing order might have been the problem but I think it isnt. I guess it is 18436572, knowing that the 1 is on the bottom right as you are positionned in front of the car, number 2 is on the left, 3 back on the right ect.... About the vaccum, I have no idea if there is a vaccum power assist brake...There is some sort of vaccum on the distributor, and I never touch it. I did touch at the advance and maybe I should adjust that again...only by hear as I dont have a timing light. As the rest like plugs, wires,'s all new. til next time I wonder if at some point, I should just ask your phone number to call you and you would guide me through the process. I'm so tired of this situation, and I have to drive a couple getting married on July 12th....oulala see ya
  3. Al right, I got a new carbirator , put it in, and the car is still missing. Maybe a little less black smoke, maybe run better on idle, but not the perfect and smooth V8 I've known for a long I'm still working on it. Later
  4. Hi everyone, I went to anither garage here in france, and the guy simply said I needed to get a new carburator. So, if you can help me finding a CARTER Carburator for my 1949 Cadillac Model WCD 682 S I sent an email to USA PARTS SUPPLY but still waiting for an answer. Thank you Emmanuel
  5. long time I havent answered on the forum, just to let you know I havent had time to deal with the car yet, I will do it as soon as possible to be able to drive it this spring. cheers
  6. the coil is new and not painted. The clamp is new too. So I guess it's fine, unless it's not enough to be grounded, and maybe I need a wire to go from the engine mount, where the clamp is bolted in, to...somewhere. I'm so tired of this, probably small problem that I can't fix. I've done so much and still can't find it. Why would this car suddenly run so bad after spending so many years running great. I've done something that I don't remember and now, I can't fix it. Thanks for your help anyway
  7. Well, I just looked at it and there is no ground at all. So what should I do to have that coil grounded ? I never told you but I changed the entire wiring system myself 6 years ago, the car was running fine but I know Im not a electrical mechanic and I probably forgot several grounds wires. I know you will all think I'm stupid and should have done it better. I took each wire out, one after another and changed them by new ones. One more news. I was in California last week for the funeral of my best friend Michael, the actual guy who owned that Cadillac for 30 years and who was supposed to come to visit in France and fix the problem. During that time, I went to pick up an old 1949 Cadillac carburator. I'm back in France now and this morning, I put the metering rods of the old carb to the one I have on the car. It didn't change anything. So, my goal is now to fix this cadillac for Michael, and drive it in his memory. If the ground is the problem, which could be, It will be the biggest laugh of all and luckly for me, Michael won't be here to laugh at me and tizz me, telling me i'm a loser. Thanks agin for your help and waiting to an answer about this ground thing. Emmanuel
  8. Thanks Gaugeguy, you are right, I won't burn it as it is not made of steel mesh but more like a plastic mesh. The laquer thinner did take some of the durt off as it came out brown and durty liquid. I'm not sure what is a heat raiser baffle, but the exhaust system has been talked about in the this forum, and I don't know how to deal with it. The mechanic either. I do have the 1949 Cadillac shop manual and read many times section 10, Engine fuel and Exhaust section, but it didn't help. Anyway, my friend keeps telling the problem come from the metering rods inside the carburator, so he'll try to find me a new or rebuilt Carter Carburator as he comes visit in one month. Actually, if anybody here knows where I can find one....for cheap of course...I'll take it.
  9. very interesting Ron. I called the guy who owned that car for 30 years ( my best friend now ) and he told me last night that the coil always been hot on the maybe there's nothing to do then. And about the oil bath air filter, he said soaking it in gasoline would do nothing, better soaking it in lacquer finner and then burn it...which I'll try to do this morning, whithout burning myself hopefully.... Emmanuel
  10. Then, maybe I should check the wires from the points to the coil. The ballast resistor I got did not take care of the problem. Coil still burning hot after 10 mins ride. Also, anyone who knows where I can get an oil bath air filter for that type of car is welcome to let me know. Is there any way to put photos on this forum. I could post some here and maybe you'll find the issue. About the ohms or voltage check, I dont have the meters to do it, and I dont want to drive the car to another mechanic right now. But I will check as soon as I get one from someone. thanks again Emmanuel
  11. here is an update, I got a resistor from RocketDude and put it on this morning....but....the coil is still getting really hot. And also, after cleaning really good the oil bath air filter, I put it on, and the car was missing a lot. So, I took it off and the car was doing much better, still missing at high speed, but more like if I was pushing the brake pedal every 3 seconds or so. And then, as I said, when I came back home after 15 mins drive, the coil was hot. I mounted it on the fire wall, with the wire of the ignition and the wire of the fuel pump on one side, the wire going to the + of the coil on the other side. So maybe I should try another coil, maybe it got too hot before, but I doubt it. The car is still smelling gas and still black smoke. I'm back at the beginning, not knowing what to do. Maybe it's a ground that need to be wired somewhere.....I have no idea. What's sure is that the filter is not good.
  12. yes, this is an oil bath air filter, I did change the oil but there is also a filter itself and it was very durty. This filter can't be taken off the unit, it's inside. The only way to clean the filter is to let it sit several hours in gasoline and then dry it off with compressed air. I did all this, it looked pretty clean but the car runs better without the filter on.
  13. that would be so awsome if you get me this ballast resistor. The old air filter has no number or name. They just call it Air Cleaner Filter Unit. Its quite big, with oil bath. I can't take it apart to clean the filter itself, and I dont think its papaer, it's most like a bunch of small wires. I don't know how to explain. if you give me an email, I can send you a picture. if you ever find a resistor and a filter and ship it to me, don't worry for the payment back, my friend will send you a check from california. As the mechanic worked on the car quite a long time, they want me to come back when I have the resistor and the filter to readjust the all thing, and then pay them, which is normal. You know, I do believe the problem is the coil, it was so hot after 15 min drive, unreal.
  14. The car went to a first shop then a second one where I thought the machanic would be better. He adjusted the points, the advance and the 2 screws in front of the carburator. He told me the car was then running great, but without the air filter, which is plugged. So I went to pick up the car and realised it was not running well at all, even worse than before. Still black smoke, still missing and most of all, the coil burning hot. So I left without paying anything so far, a little pissed off. Anyway, I need to find a new and clean airfilter and a resistor ballast. So I have one question, can someone tell me what kind of resistor ballast I need for that car and where ? I will order it right away. I went online to look for it and there are a lot of different resistor. Thanks
  15. The coil is designed for 12 v operation being used on 12 v battery. The mechanic said this morning he didn't have this ballast resistor and that there was no point to have it anyway. The car stayed in the shop and he'll have a look at it. God I wish I had one of you guys right here right now to fix this all thing. But I'm not desesparate and I'll find the problem. I'll update soon