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  1. Hey Guys Where could I get the right wires for the 392 hemi Thanks Bill
  2. Hey Guys Where is the best place to get new plug wire for the 392 1957 hemi engine Thanks Bill
  3. Hey Guys The starter on the New Yorker went out and the rebuilder is having trouble finding parts. It had a Prestolite brand on it . Could someone help with a parts supplier or place to get new starter Thanks Bill
  4. I just bought a 1957 New Yorker with the 392 hemi and the car set a lot lower in the front thanI like and was wondering if someone could tell me what could be done to raise the front about 3 inches.
  5. Hey Guys I just bought a 1957 New Yorker and need to know what color the Hemi engine is. It looks like it was silver on the valve covers. Thanks
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