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  1. They had the driver's front only listed. So I tried to reverse cross reference that number with other cars (Daytonas, Dynastys, etc) of similar years and it kept saying "This is not a fit". So I figured I'd come here and ask since I know y'all have had to replace them at some point. How about rubber brake lines? Do Daytonas fit there, too?
  2. What brake calipers will work on a TC? I have at least one stuck caliper (haven't determined yet which one). I can only find the right front caliper (reman) available as listed for a TC. Are there any calipers from other models that interchange?
  3. Are you related to the Karb King guys in Fred Vegas, VA?
  4. Hi Josh, I have the fender. $40.00 It's Exotic Red, no rust or dents. Paint is good, too. I have the filler strip $20.00 (already removed) I may have the bumper impact/support bracket (will check which side in the morning) currently still on bumper cover. I also think have the chrome all the way across, but it's still on the bumper cover. I think I have the black rubber bumper cover, too, also on bumper cover. I can sell you the whole bumper cover for like $50.00. Doesn't include lights, and the cover itself is junk, but the parts are good, IIR. Prices plus shipping. Where are you located? I can take photos.
  5. Hi, I have acquired a Choldun Pressure Purger but cannot find a whole lot of information about this piece of equipment. I have found ads from 1948-1950 for it to help me date it, but other than that, I have found almost nothing. Mine is an original unrestored machine that appears to work as it should. The paint was originally off-white, but has a definite patina to it now. It has the original and correct Pyrex Glass Globes with "Choldun" embossed in them. Everything appears original to the machine with "Choldun" embossed or otherwise labelled. I am trying to figure out what it might be worth among other things. I have found only one other Choldun item that sold at auction. A restored Oil Changing machine that sold for about $950 at RM Auctions in 2008. Choldun also apparently made automatic car washes in the early 50s. I know this piece cost about $295 new. The Oil Changing machine cost $169.50 new. Any ideas on where to find out more about this machine or how much it might be worth would be appreciated!
  6. Forgot to mention that the car is located in Fredericksburg, VA.
  7. Solid car with *VERY RARE* tinted glass. Not just the windshield but ALL glass is tinted. This was an option available only on southern cars and only about 5% of Corvairs were sold with this option. This glass sold separately is worth over $400. The car is solid, but has had some amateur body work in the past, most notably on the left rear quarter and left rocker panel area. The rest of the car is good with only minor surface rust here and there. The front trunk area is solid with a few pinholes along a seam. There is no motor. The rear is still in the car along with the heavy duty suspension. The powerglide trans (automatic) comes with the car but is not installed. The interior is ok but needs to be redone. The headliner has a split about 2" long. The dash is decent but has some wrinkling in the pad. Instrument cluster is nice. The carpet is newer and looks good. The front seats are replacements from a newer car but aren't all that. It's missing the upper part of the back seat. The sale does include bumpers and the wheels with hubcaps as shown. Selling the car for $600.00 with a bill of sale. I have plenty of detailed pics if you'd like to see more. Email me at cliff barns by (at) yahoo (dot) com. Remove the spaces in "cliff barns by".
  8. I have both driver's and passenger's side tail lights, in good shape. $80 each or $150 for both plus shipping from VA.
  9. I have window motor and regulator assemblies for sale. Driver's and Passenger's side. These come out of the doors, not for the quarter windows. They tested fine. Asking $80 each or $150 for both, plus shipping from VA.
  10. I have an original steering wheel for an 89 TC for sale. It's in VERY nice (but not concours) shape. No rips or tears in the original smooth leather. A few wear marks on one left spoke (see pic) but overall VERY nice. Includes horn cover, etc. Asking $90 plus shipping from VA
  11. I need a radiator for a 62 Imperial. Can you ask if this guy has one? I'm in VA. if he does, can you ask how much and what's shipping to 22406.
  12. Would you care to share where this guy is located? I'm actually interested in the car to the left of yours (to the right in the photo) I'm looking for a 62 Imperial...
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