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  1. Looks like this is a scam. I asked the seller to allow me to inspect the car and the following is his reply. Scammers, you gotta love them. Hi again, It's seems you misunderstand me, now I am in Miami and I will not return until I have a clear transaction (I can't waste my time).I will make this deal only under eBay Protection Department because is more safe for us.Once we have a clear deal I will come home to ship the car or you can come and pick up yourself (it's your choice) because shipping is payed in advance by me. The car is in great condition inside, outside and mechanically. the interior of the car is free of cracks, rips, tears or any other damage. The vehicle's undercarriage is free of rust, leaks, or mechanical damage. The vehicle's electric is working perfectly. We will make this deal only under E-bay protection because is more safe. Please just tell me if you really want the car, because I have about 110 e-mails from people who wants it and I really don’t want to waste my time. To start this deal, please send me your full name, ebay ID and full address for shipping. Once again, shipping is free. Thanks! Jason
  2. This '63 Riviera is for sale by the supposed owner for $4,700, but it smells like a scam. I'm interested, but am leery of fraud cases. Does anyone recognize this car? It's supposed to be in Illinois while the owner is trying to sell it from Miami. http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x263/Rivieraphoto/ Ed
  3. Has anyone found a source for window adjuster bolts that would fit a '69 Riviera? I need at least two and have posted a picture of what I need on the yahoo forum page at the following link. http://autos.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/rivlist/photos Thanks, Ed
  4. Hey folks, I am in need of a good glovebox lock housing (the piece located on the inside of the dash) to fit a 1969 Riviera. [color:"blue"] All help is appreciated. Thanks, Ed
  5. Some of you may not know it, but the old list is still going along. Chris has expressed a desire to shut down the list after running it for 10 years and take a well deserved break. A few folks have expressed a desire to maintain the list as to keep a simple way for Riviera folks to communicate in the traditional manner. We started a Yahoo Group forum which is very similar to the old list, but with more features such as a search capability, profile listing and spam prevention as a moderated list. If anyone is interested in checking it out and joining, the web address is; http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/rivlist/ We're going to give this a 'go' and see how it works out. If after a trial period of about a month, we'll decide either to keep the Group or explore another option suggested by Chris. Ed W. #10666
  6. I'm at the point of where I need to install the radio back in my 1969 dash. Any suggestions as to what would fit in the opening, sound good and not cost a chunk of change? I'd sent the 442 radio off several years ago to a guy in Florida to change out the guts with a modern unit, but I've never been happy with it and it cost me almost $500. The change out unit squeaks, drifts, pops and screams when I turn off the ignition. Has anyone used the radios by Custom Autosound? They seem like a good choice, but I've never dealt with them. Are there any other's like that? I don't care about originality. Thanks, Ed