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  1. Thanks Paul, I saw that aswell, sadly its not and Olds wheel, the spkes should thin out so the horn ring can sit, if its an Olds its not a 1940,41 or 42 (they were I belive the same). Mark
  2. Does anyone have a 1941 Deluxe Steering Wheel for sale, does not matter if you dont have the horn ring as I have one. Can anyone help, contact me. Thanks Mark mark@macgames.co.uk
  3. Looking to buy a 1941 Deluxe Steering Wheel, does not have to have the horn ring as I have one. Anyone got one for sale please contact me. Mark mark@macgames.co.uk Thanks!
  4. hi I am having to convert my car from 6v to 12v to comply with some UK road laws, I need bulbs that wil fit for headlightsm dash etc can anyone advise on where i can pick up 12v bulbs that will fit and or any advise on the whole subject. Thanks mark@macgames.co.uk
  5. Thanks Ill try that, I agree does sound backwards ?????
  6. Hi I?m in the UK and need help with the following. Can someone please explain the differences between the 1941 Business Coupe and a club Coupe, is it seat size car length, passenger capacity?. And what would a fair price be for a decent example of either be. Contact me via forum or direct email mark@macgames.co.uk
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