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  1. Need windshield trim for a 1939 Deluxe Station Wagon / Conv. Need right side
  2. Need windshield trim for a 1939 Deluxe Station Wagon / Conv. Need right side
  3. AACA Puerto Rico Region had a Gathering at the Largest Shopping Mall of the Caribbean. Mr. Steve Moskowitz attended .
  4. From the album: Puerto Rico Region, 10th Gathering de Plaza Las Américas

    Ford Deluxe Station Wagon 1939 Senior Award R. Beniquez
  5. 1941 Ford Woodie, rear door windows are slide type, 42 up they would go up & down inside the door
  6. I suppose it should, I had a 41 Woodie it got DPC, and all came in, in one envelope.
  7. Yes this is true, that's why I'm asking.....what happened?
  8. yes, they are not numbered, they look like this: Instead I got a brass plate with AACA HPOF with name and car description, rectangular with 4 hole to mount on a wall plaque. But not this badge for the car. Maybe it will come in another envelope don't know
  9. According to the Judging Guidelines "They will be recognized at the awards ceremony and will receive an exhibition award (and a mounting board at first certification). A certification badge will be presented to each vehicle upon acceptance into the HPOF category. The badge should be mounted at some visible location on the front of the vehicle." You might want to contact the AACA headquarters to inquire as to when you will receive the badge. Yes, that is what I read, in the Guidelines, but I did not received the Badge for the car, with the certification. I also contacted AACA HQ, but posted it
  10. Hi, My 1949 Ford F1 just won the AACA HPOF award, does the AACA gives a Badge like the DPC Class, or one like the National First Prize Badge, I recived the Certification, and a Rectangular brass plate, but no badge to put on front of the car. Any help would be good. Can you give me more information? Thanks, Ray
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