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  1. Hi , The 1910 Maxwell AA from Hershey arrived in Birmingham, UK. on Monday without any damage , Engine number AA4257 .Ralph purchased the car from an estate of a James A Maxwell of Georgetown MS 39078 . september 06 ,have you records of this car before or any knowlege of the previous owner ?, it looks like it has be stored for many years , the fuel in the carb had turned to solid black treacle as were the fuel lines and the pertol tank , we have had the tank out and steam cleaned it of most of the gunge . I do not understand how the oil gets from the oil tank to the drip glasses on the bulkhead , is the oil forced though by engine presure ?also the advance /retard was very stiff and the link rod has broken the maisac by the hole for the rod, I need to take off the advance retard box to get it fixed , and also to clean the points , do I just unscew the 4 screws and withdraw the box leaving the cam in place ? I have got the parts list from the website , do you or anyone else have an instuction manual that you could either put on the website or e mail to me ? Thanking you , Ian Kerr , Birmingham , England.
  2. I have just purchased a 1907 Model f 2 cyl at Hershey , the unrestored car was taken apart in 1967 and never put back together , it seems all complete . I am looking to find other people with a 1907 Model F , This car has 6244 on the flywheel and 341 on the rear of the body , it has a selden patent 549.160. I am afer as much information as i can find , a hand book of a manual if someone has written one. Ian kerr 21 serpentine road , selly Park, Birmingham , B29 7HU +44 121 472 1258 awentsbury@aol.com
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