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  1. am in need of enamel work for my 1936 truck emblem. I live in California. Does anyone know where I can go? Thanks.
  2. I am missing the two trim pieces between the front doors and hood (about 2 3/4 inches in length), and the trim piece on the hind qaurter on driver side behind passenger door leading to trunk. Anyone out there have these pieces and willing to sell them? Thanks.
  3. I have a 1935 dodge hood ornament that I need to trade for a 1936 hood ornament. Anyone interested can e-mail me or reply to this announcement. Also am in need of a grille for my 1936 dodge sedan. I have two grilles that can maybe make one good one but don't know where to go to for that kind of work. A friend mentioned that bumber people usually do that kind of work?? Thanks for any help anyone can give. ALbert
  4. I don't think your photo attached. I would really love to see it. Albert
  5. I must not be attaching the file correctly. Any suggestions on how to upload a picture?
  6. Here are acouple of pictures of my new car! Hope this helps in identifying exactly what model it is. Thanks to all of you guys!.
  7. Thanks, I will upload a picture hopefully by tomorrow. My car does carry a front mounted spare tire on passenger side and does also have the humpback trunk as far as I know. The trunk looks like a hump. I will try and get the picture tonight. Thanks!
  8. Just acquired a 1936 Dodge four door sedan. Am interested in finding out exactly what type and model it is. Serial # on passenger door jam reads: 4160509, there is a number that is stamped on the firewall that reads: 91216, there is also a number on a plaque on the firewall that reads:D292690TS, engine number reads P25 405487 there is a diamond symbol before the P25 and a star symbol between the first set of numbers and at the end. Dashboard is intact and from left to right is the headlight knob, radio knobs, then the oil and gas gauges, speedometer which also has floating power and Dodge w
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