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  1. Anyone ever rebuild a headlight? Seems my left headlight took a rock, so plastic is broken in one spot. This allowed it to take on moisture, and silvering has been compromosed inside. Can this be rebuilt? Only one I could locate last time I looked was $500. Thanks, Mitch
  2. This is a 91' 6 cylinder non turbo version.
  3. WR, Thanks for the response. Bloting to the floor pan? I doubt I would ever do that, would make certain a real trailer hitch place got it into the frame. Fall is here, so hot temps won't be a factor. Just exploring my options. Thanks, and I agree you re U haul.
  4. Is it possible to have a tow hitch installed to tow a smaller trailer? U haul says, the car is not available for hitches or towing. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. You guessed correctly. I am a pilot. Car is currently at Holiday Inn Select parking lot, off 55. Its clean on the outside, but in a few days it will be flithy!
  6. 2nd owner of a white 91 TC for sale. My dad purchased it new, have all manuals and sticker. Car is in fair to decent shape. What works: Mostly everything! What needs work? Odometer..stopped at 109,870 Car estimated to have less than 125 K miles Driven only by me since 47,000 miles Vinyl Top needs replace. Left headlight needs work or replace, but works. Crack due to stone. Leather seats are covered with sheepskins..dont look to good. Car was garaged in Philly first 6 years. Since, been in Ontario Ca area outside. Paint in places needs some help, but for most part looks great. Left rear window stuck up. Will consider all offers. Parked near Orange County airport outside at a hotel off 55 freeway for next couple of weeks. Get me at my AOL e mail if interested. Can drive anywhere in the USA if the price is right. Thanks for looking! Mitch
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