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  1. Hi David My knowledge is limited and I have no spares to trade Phil
  2. Hi West & Restorer 32 Abliged I have hardly a thing on Cubitt to go by. 1912 was a wild guess, must be later. Will try your lead. Regards Phil
  3. Hi Dave Parts I have ar badly damaged, just upgrading Phil
  4. Hi Noel, Hi West Unsure what I have, but good for wheels , just need Radiator. Believe the car was built here in good old USA?!?!? Not much on the Net on this one. Phil
  5. Guys Need a Cubit Radiator and parts for 1912 Touring. What do you have. All Help appreiated Phil
  6. Guys Do you have a spare Regal Under Slung Frame, springs, Front Axle and Parts. I'm need one for my project Phil
  7. Guys Would you have any spare 1922 Oldsmobile 4 Parts? Looking for a Frame, Radiator and Engine parts. Regards Phil
  8. Guys Can you help me find a 1922 Oldsmobile Oil Pipe & Cap. All help appreciated Phil
  9. Thanks Pat, did you get the photo's Mark sent?
  10. Will call you soon Pat. Am on night shift at the moment.
  11. Guys Would like to buy 1924 Studebaker louvered Hood panels or hood in good condition. Has approximately 30 louvers each side. All leads appreciated. Reguards Phil
  12. Sir Didn't see the hood unfortunately. That is about all I require for the moment. Any help locating one would be appreciated Phil
  13. Guys I would like to buy a 1922 Oldsmobile oil filler tube and cap. All leads appreciated Thanks Phil
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