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  1. Yeah. I got out of them after I sold my GLHS. It wasn't really planned but I got a $12000 offer from a local guy that I couldn't turn down. I looked for a replacement car - camaro, firebird, corvette, etc. But after many test drives, I decided to buy another TD. They offer the best bang for the buck - in my opinion. I agree, the TC can be fast. But, I really like the GLH. I want the really fast sleeper. I live in a Twin City suburb where most of the high school kids drive WRXs, LS1s, and the like. I want to put them in their place with an Omni. Its nice to here from you too, Alan. Send me an
  2. You are wrong Allan. The original 16v motor is in the car. For now . . .
  3. Hello. I'm selling my 1989 Chrysler TC 16 valve car. Its a well-running and driving car. The car is a rust-free Texas example. Maroon in color - both inside and out. The hard and soft tops are in good shape. The interior shows some age but is nice. The seats are cloth. My TC has only 67k miles on it. The heater core has been replaced. The a/c has been restored and works very well with the R-134 freon in it. The very expensive glass headlights are in great shape. Everything works except for the cassette player. It has power seats, power windows, power mirrors, cruise, tilt, and more. Included w
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