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  1. now parting out. email me at hotmail if interested.
  2. drivers door is busted and jammed closed, missing drivers window. bent hood and fender. rebuilt engine, new suspension, runs perfect. if interested or want pictures or more info email me at icedsarcasm@hotmail.com
  3. well, i see where you are coming from but it really just wasn't my type of car. i finally got to pick up my '65 mustang that i've been paying off. i love it.
  4. would anyone be interested in buying a royal cabernet (purple) hardtop? it's in perfect condition, electrical works and no scratches. a friend gave it to me for my car, but since i already have one i am trying to sell it to be able to buy the parts i need to fix my car. hah. anyhow i'm trying to get at least $450 it. if anyone is interested message me on here, i check it daily. or my email is icedsarcasm@hotmail.com
  5. true. it's amazing how bad that hummer crippled my car. there wasn't hardly any noticable damage on it. damn tank.
  6. it's drivable. i drive it everyday. until i sell it, i can't pay off the car i'm trying to buy. everything is fine except the drivers headlight and fender, hood and drivers door. the door was damaged when i bought it. they had bent it backwards so that it wouldn't close and i had to jam it. it doesn't open. and no..it was a hummer that i rear ended...they weren't too happy. even though i only scratched their bumper and hitch.
  7. i thought about doing that. but i don't know anything about taking parts out of cars. i would mess it up and i don't have anyone to help me. so i'm just tryig to sell it as is.
  8. i posted it on Ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:IT&ih=020 do you think that the price is fair for the condition of the car?
  9. So as it turns out i am not selling my car, as i have stumbled upon some much needed funds to repair it. i am looking for a drivers door and window, a drivers fender and a hood. if anyone has anything for sale, please email me at icedsarcasm@hotmail.com
  10. car is maroon color, and needs a new door. also, i need a headlight switch. if anyone can help me, email icedsarcasm@hotmail.com
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