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  1. Had this problem myself. Someone posted a long, long time ago about this. I happened to write down the info and just had mine fixed last week. Standard Mopar Speedometer Connector - Part #4419586 Mine's working like a champ now! (I'd give you the cost - but they didn't charge me for it.)
  2. New member here... Just took my 89' into the shop and had them go through front to back. It's in pretty good shape now. However, they could not find the window weather strips. Since I reside in the desert the heat has wreaked serious havoc! They are all dried and pieces have cracked off. If any one has a lead on them I'd appreciate it! I'd also like to get the driver's side seat belt. The plastic cover broke on mine and (according to the dealer) the entire belt will have to be replaced. I'd need it in the Cabernet. A big thanks to a message posted quite a while ago regarding the speedometer pi
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