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  1. F.Y.I. I took it to a locksmith and had the tumblers reset to fit my original door key. Works great!!!!!
  2. Did Ford offer as an option...Chrome valve covers with "FORD" stamped on them? I have a set and when you turn them over...you will see a band of steel about 1/2" wide go all the way around the bottom just above the gasket channel. It was spot welded in and chromed. These are not recent inport repops!!! They are in excellent condition and quiet heavy. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks...Ron
  3. Did Ford offer as an option...Chrome valve covers for the 312 Y-Block. I have a set that are chrome and stamped "FORD". These are not recent import repops. When you turn them over....you will see a band of steel about 1/2" wide go all the way around the bottom side just above the gasket channel. It was spot welded in and than chromed. They are quiet heavy and in excellent condition. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks....Ron
  4. Took it to a locksmith and they reset the tumblers to fit my old door key. Works great!!! Thanks.......Ron
  5. Anyone have experience replaceing the lock assembly in a trunk bezel/lock on a '55 Ford. Just purchased a replacement on ebay without the key. I know I can get it rekeyed....but would like to keep the original key. This bezel/lock assembly was available on the Customline/Mainline. Can't see how to switch my old key assembly into the new bezel/lock assembly. All suggestions appreciated!!! Thanks...................Ron
  6. I have a Customline with the lock built into the bezel. Just purchased a replacement bezel and lock. It has no key. Is it possible for me to take the key assembly out of my old lock and bezel and replace the recently purchased lock with my lock. There is a small pin at the top of the lock. Has anyone ever had any experience with this type of bezel/lock setup. I know I can take it and get it rekeyed....but I'd rather just have one key for the doors and trunk. Thanks...Ron
  7. Can someone tell me how to tell the difference between a drivers side housing and a passenger side housing? I need a drivers side housing for my '55 Customline. When you see one on ebay it says............right side!!! Is that the passenger side or drivers side? Thanks............Ron
  8. Can someone tell me how to tell the difference between a passenger side housing and a drivers side housing? I need a drivers side for my '55 Customline. Thanks.........Ron
  9. How do you determine what parking light housing is lef orright....drivers or passengers side. I need one for my drivers side. Is it considered a left or right housing? I'm told they are different and you have to purchase the correct one for proper fit. I see some on ebay and they say left or right side. All input appreciated...................Ron
  10. A friend just bought a 1955 Crown Vic and wants to upgrade from manual to original '55 power steering. He found a vendor in Wisconsin with a complete '55 rebuilt upgrade for $1,250.00. Is this a fair price? Is this a 100% bolt-in application? What about pulleys....do you have to change the water pump and harmonic balancer pulley? All input, hints and tips greatly appreciated. Thanks~~~~~~~~~~Ron
  11. 1955 Ford Customline. Sorry!!! I was referring to the fresh air ducts in the fenders? I was told by another person in another forum step by step instructions how to do this and it was a piece of cake!!!!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your concern. Ron
  12. Can anyone tell me how to get the old fresh air damper door assembly out of the passenger side and replace with a new door and rubber? All input appreciated!!!!! Thanks...Ron
  13. Which is Which? Small lining...Is it the Primary or Secondary shoe? Where does it go...Front side or rear side on backing plate? All input appreciated.....Thanks...Ron
  14. Interested in interchange manual. What is the title and where can I purchase one? Thanks....Ron
  15. I DID It!!!! Went to my local Advance Auto Parts Store and they have a Tool Loaner Program. I got their 5-pc. Front-End Fork Kit (which I didn't need) and their 23 piece Ball Joint/U-Joint Service Kit. The Ball Joint Kit has a BIG "C" clamp and numerous cups and attachments. It worked like a champ. Done the whole job in 5-6 hrs. Thanks for all your suggestions!!!! Ron
  16. All hints appreciated for replacing bottom A-Frame bushings on my 1955 Ford. Do I have to take the A-Frame to a machine shop to get old/new bushings presed in/out? Is there a simple way to do it yourself? How about hints on keeping the coil spring from going airborne? Thanks....Ron
  17. Bought my carpet from A.C.C. Looks great and fits right!!!!! I got samples from others but they don't come close to the quality of A.C.C. Nobody sells a molded carpet for a '55 Ford. It is all cut and sewn. Thanks.......Ron
  18. Never done it!!!! Does the glass have to be removed from the door? Could someone give me a step by step procedure on this seemingly easy fix? How do you attach new ones? Thanks to all replies. Ron
  19. Junkyard Jeff: Thanks for your input!!! I have a manual steering in my '55. What parts do I need to do a complete rebuild from Macs? Do they have every gear, shaft, bearing, seals and gaskets? It sounds kind of scary as I have never taken a steering box apart. Is it just a take apart put back together thing? Thanks.........Ron
  20. Thanks for info. Bought me a '55 Ford 2-door post with a 312 Merc/4-speed and a Granada 8" rear. The combo works great and lovin it!!!
  21. Thanks.....Bought me a great '55 Customline 2-Door post from Iowa.
  22. Thanks to everyone!!!! Didn't have to do the job. Ended up buying a '55 with a perfect front crossmember.
  23. Looking for good place to purchase carpet for my 1955 Ford Customline. Want quality and fit!!!! Anyone have any experience with companys that sell molded carpet? The original was 80/20 cut and sewn. Thanks.....Ron