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  1. Final Update: Yup, my Dad was somehow confused about what the part included (what I suspected). I resent him the picture and he used that to send to the dealer...and...the part is on its way. Thank you for the help, Oldsfan. I owe you. If you need help is someway please let me know.
  2. ya, it was my father that did the calling yesterday that lead to that discovery. It seemed silly to me that the part would be sold seperately. He said he called quite a few places and that was the story. So, I'm kind of at a loss as what to do next. I'm sure I could acquire the base from a wrecker because if another olds had its emblem taken once, the base might be left. Problem there is, most wreckers have the absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced and couldnt be bothered to check their inventory or, especially, their lot. Either you find it yourself and say "how much" or don't
  3. UPDATE: Well, I have found the ornament but not the complete assembly. It seems that the part does not come with the crome strip/holder that the ornament fits into. The picture in my original post displays what I'm talking about (complete assembly). In fact, most dealers we spoke with have no idea what the part #/name is for that thing (if they were even nice enough to check their inventory to see if it was included). See, the thief (sob) ripped off the ornament and most of the crome strip. Damn. Anyone know what that part is called/#? Ideas? I can order juat an ornament, with the spring, for
  4. Thanks. I'll make some calls this week. Btw I'll be calling the dealerships in canada as well. Cheaper for me to call and ship. I'll keep ya posted if I get lucky.
  5. UPDATE: I was just too busy to call these guys so I emailed them on Tuesday. No responce yet. Any chance you know of another dealer I can check out? I want to order the part soon. The hole above my grill is making me angry everytime I look at it. I love my olds and want her back to par. Sure you can understand that obsession.
  6. If this works and I can get a resonable price, I'll owe you a beer (just have to figure out how to send you one lol. know any mail-a-brew service?). I'll give that number a call tomorrow if I can. Thank you so much for your time.
  7. you know exactly what your talking about. I live in Victoria, BC Canada. I checked the Chev Olds dealer here, yesterday, and they said no. Any idea where else I cld try? Thank you !
  8. The front emblem was stolen from my olds and I need help finding a replacement. I need the complete assembly because the thief broke the plastic crome strip that connects. Help locating a replacement piece would be greatly appreciated. I have a picture of what it looks like should anybody require (see the attachment). Thank you
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