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  1. Maxwell07 Email me at lrwoody2@yahoo.com and give me more info on what you are looking for. Thx. Woody
  2. Idle Swede, Like I mentioned before, I have appx 100 vehicles. If you want to email me we can discuss further.{lrwoody2@yahoo.com) To give you a rough idea of the vehicles I have, 25ish are tractors, mostly from the 1930's. John Deere (B,D,GP), Fordson, CAT, Ford (2N,8N,9N,800) 60ish trucks and pickups from the early 1930's to a couple in the 1970's, Fords, Chevy and Dodge. Only a few are cars, from the 1930's to 1960's. I also have endless parts, however, I don't have the parts inventoried yet. That will be quite the task. Woody1
  3. UBB6-ML-352075-ML- Woodie...moved your post to the Buy/Sell Forum. Please read the rules of the Buy/Sell. More information in your Profile will only assist you further. Regards, Peter J.
  4. I recently inherited approx. 100 older cars, trucks and tractors not to mention thousands of misc. parts. Condition range from fully restored to need lots of work. The years range from the late 1920's to the early 1960's, from Fords to Chevrolets, John Deere to Fordsons. I will be keeping some of the vehicles but the majority will be sold. I don't want to have an auction. I am looking for advice on the best way to sell the items that I will not be keeping. Any help would be appreciated.
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