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  1. I am a newbie here, so any guidance would be great. I need these, among other parts items for a 1964 Electra: - Water Control valve (for heater) and bracket that is mounted on RF inner fender - Door Courtesy Light Switches - Transmission stator and downshift switch - Radiator shroud (401 engine) - Left front inner fender w/battery tray - 1 Electra hubcap or 4 nice 1964 Buick Rally Wheels and caps - Left taillight lens (or 2 better ones) - Right taillight bezel - Brown dashpad - Steering Wheel for Saddle Interior - Center Console for Saddle Interior - Deluxe Door armrest 'pods' - full-length
  2. The clock is removed from the front of the dash by grabbing the bezel and turning it (I believe counter clockwise about 1/4 turn). With some silicone spray and minor 'tweaks', it may run again. Email me and I will share the details.
  3. I'm Interested! Send photos and info...
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