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  1. We have a 60 jaguar mark II that we just got in. We are looking for places to buy some parts. Any leads on some? Mainly looking for sheetmetal,chrome trim,interior parts,fog lights. That sort of thing. Thanks Corey @ HArtford's Best Paint and Body Hartford SD
  2. Thanks! I will be letting the customer's son know when he comes by to either check Mac out or give you a shout! Thanks Guys! Corey
  3. Thanks for the pics! Can we contact you for anymore? Corey
  4. Thanks John! Ladd has been in contact with Mac alot! Mike I will have Ladd contact you! thanks corey
  5. Are they the same as a32? If so sure!
  6. Last one for tonight. Looking for info and pictures of this area. Linkages and all related hardware. We have the shell all rechromed,the chrome parts for the flappers redone,new stainless tips for the flappers,the black areas redone and we believe to be the last set of chrome trim on the flappers. Now just need to assemble it all! This thing is like a big puzzle without pictures! Thanks to you guys we have been able to get to were we are at now! Corey
  7. We have NOS rubber for the boards just not much to go by for the wood pattern. Anyone have any pictures or info we can use! Thanks Corey
  8. Looking for any and all info on a marvel carb. The customer is suppose to be getting a kit to have it rebuilt. He had the part that always cracks welded up. We need pictures of the whole set up. Linkages,choke that sot of stuff. Thanks Corey
  9. The glove box was rusted away really good plus there was a dead who knows what in there that smelled to high heaven! Nothing much there. Anyone know where you can pick one up or got dimensions where we can build one? Thanks Corey
  10. More questions from me! What size bulb are they? How about socket size? What can a person use since this one is missing them? I know they need to be 6V sockets but other than that how and what do they look like. Thanks Corey
  11. Where does the wiring come through out to the engine? How about the oil pressure line and the water temp lines. All this stuff was off the car so we are going into it blind!! Thanks Corey
  12. Wondering do the wires run inside the interior or under the body for the rear wiring? Thanks Corey
  13. We need any and all info on the wiring and set up on the end of the steering colum on the 32 buick 57S we are working on. Anyone have any pictures? There is the dimmer switch but what else is down there. Tell us all you know!! We have the horn wire run through and everything on the interior side done. Just the engine side is what we are looking for. If I could post a pic I would to show what we have or are missing. Thanks guys! Corey Hartford's Best Paint and Body
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