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  1. You'll have to copy and past the entire web url for it to work. Otherwise, it shows that the item has been removed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Brad
  2. Please take a look at my Zephyr.,1&item=4619678956&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT Please make an offer if interested. Thanks, Brad
  3. I have realized that I have too many projects and not enough time. Please take a look at my website,, for pictures of this amazing car. Make me an offer if you'd like. Thanks, Brad
  4. I have a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan. I'm wondering if anyone has a picture of a correct dash and window trim. Are these done with the woodgraining technique? Please help. Brad
  5. Who should I contact to get a Build sheet for my 1941 Zephyr Sedan? Also, I'm needing a few parts: 1.the correct V12 for my 41, 2. Trunk handle, 3. door handle, 4. instrument panel, 5. patience to get through this restoration project. Please email me if you can help.
  6. Wow. That's a lot of confusing information. I'm looking for a V12 to get my 1941 Zephyr Sedan back to original. How would I identify it? Please break it down for me. Brad
  7. I've contacted a couple of people with V12's but no luck yet. If anyone can help, please email me at
  8. I just found a new project in a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr V12. The V12 was changed out and a Ford 239 V8 put in its place. I'm in need of a 292 4.8L V12 to put back to original. Please email me if you have one or know of one for sale. If you have pictures of a 1941 Zephyr, please email me them too at Thanks, Brad
  9. I bought two 1951 Plymouth Concord Business coupes, one for restoration, one for parts. I only needed a few parts and have pretty much a whole cars worth of parts. Please email me if you need anything from this P22. I may just have what you need. Thanks, Brad
  10. I did a search today and found one on Emblem Magics website. It costs $175 plus shipping. They also restore medallions. Is $175 too much? Does anyone know of a better source? Thanks, Brad
  11. Does anyone know where I can buy a NOS or a reporduction hood medallion for a 51 plymouth?
  12. I have a 51 plymouth concord. I'm not getting fuel to the carb. I did a flow test with the fuel pump that was already on the car. No fuel. I bought a new fuel pump from napa, did the flow test and nothing. Then I thought there was a problem with my fuel tank or line. I hooked a fuel line from a gas can to the fuel pump and did the flow test...nothing again. I returned the fuel pump and got another and did the same test. I'm getting a very small amount of fuel now but it's not enough to keep the car running. Am I just having bad luck with fuel pumps or am I missing something. I've heard that it's very rare to have a problem with the cam shaft tapping the fuel pump arm. Please help. Brad
  13. I have a 51 Plymouth concord and need hubcap clips. These are the riveted kind. Where can I buy them? Brad
  14. If you find a supplier for vacuum advances, please email me at I need one for my 1951 Plymouth and have had no luck. Good luck in your search, Brad
  15. Does anyone know where I can find a set of door hinge pins? I have had the hardest time locating these. I have a 2 door and need a set for each door. Please help.