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  1. My 49 Chrysler New Yorker straight 8 motor continues to overheat. Hava a new radiator core, and have flushed/reversed flushed(through heater hoses) several times. The thermostat has been removed. The water distribution tube won't budge, and I am afraid to ruin it, as I do not have a replacement(for the straight 8 motor). Any thoughts on removing this tube? Anyone know where I might get a replacement water distribution tube for the straight 8? Looking into the installed tube(water pump removed) looks like it might be "necked down" but I cannot seem to spread it out. I am able to run a metal rod down the tube. It comes back with no sludge on it. The manual says to replace the tube to correct overheateng. I'd love to, but how to do it. Any other causes for over heating? How are the freeze plugs removed/replaced? Thanks for any advice, up front!