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  1. Thanks guys for the info. I checked out Ebay and my 94's are looking better all the time. I will check through my parts for the trunk lid latch and lock. I have a Speedway catalog and am considering going with newer carbs. I would prefer to keep the motor all Lincoln. Since I already have the 3-2 intake on order; I'm committed to the 3-2 set up, will have to use progressive linkage. If this is going to be too much carberation ~ I'll have to work through it. I've been told that the later V-12 cranks are preferable because they have larger rod journals. (Is this true)? I'm trying to put together a strong and reliable engine for looks more than power. Thanks again,
  2. I am trying to locate 3 Stromberg 97 carbs. If any one can help with locating them ~ please email me at Xke68etype@aol.com. I have 3 Holley 94's, 2 of the carbs. have Zephyr script and the other one has Ford script. One of the Zephyr script carbs. has been restored; the other two need to be rebuilt. The '41 Zephyr that I own was previously owned by Wesley Caraway. I believe he was/is a LZOC member. Since I am not going to restore this car; I have a large quantity of restoration parts available for sale or trade. The only parts that I'm short on would be interior trim components. As I previously posted, the Kerney Foundry is currently taking orders for the finned aluminum heads and 3-2 manifolds. I have already placed my order for them. These are the Jon Scobel designed units.
  3. CH, the number you have posted is correct. I can't read my own writing, sorry. I don't think Jon is still there. I spoke with Allan, who was very helpful. Zephyr41
  4. Sorry for not posting this information sooner, just wanted to be sure it was ok to do so. I spoke with Dave Tatom, the man who built the motor in the $400g Zephyr at Scotsdale last year, and he said these are the same heads and intake he used on that car. Kearney Pattern Works and Foundry 40s.Montgomery Street San Jose,Ca. 95110 408-283-7414 If you are interested I suggest you call them and have your name put on their list. They are making ten sets and 5 sets are spoken for. Zephyr41
  5. Thanks to information supplied to me by Rolf, I have been able to find that a new casting run of finned and "V" scripted heads will soon begin! The supply will be limited but if enough interest{ read as "up-front" money} is generated then the supply can be increased. The foundry is also recasting the 3-2 intake manifolds but has not determined a price as yet.The finned heads should cost approximately $3000. What information I am posting here is only my best under- standing of a conversation I had today with a factory rep. If you would like further information please send me a personal message.I would post the information here but I'm not sure if I'm permitted to do so by this forum.I am too new at this computer thing. I don't know what is proper. Zephy41
  6. Hi Rolf, I was fortunate enough to be at the Scotsdale Auction last year and spent three days polishing a 1935 Cord that was sitting next to the Lincoln Zephyr that sold for $400,000. Our Cord sold for $185,000. I am very familiar with how that car looked and do have pictures of it. I would appreciate information about Dave Tatom (phone # or email address) and his website and/or any one else who may be reproducing speed parts. Thanks,
  7. Hi JWalker, I haven't given much thought to interior finish~ will probably use bucket seats and console ~ not sure about door panels ~ will check my parts to see if I have stainless trim that you seek. I'm not sure at this point if I will use them or not. I may have more than one set ~ as I have multiples of many parts. If I have more than one set ~ I will let you know.
  8. Hi, V12 Lincoln ~ my email address is Xke68etype@aol.com I sure would appreciate any addresses or names that you can supply for my search.
  9. I have been reading the chat on this site and am interested in any help I can get with rodding my 41 Zephyr 3 window.The car has been restored,maticulously to the point of interior and drivetrain.I am not going on with the resto so I have plenty of extra parts to barter with.I purchased the car as it now is and am looking for any aftermarket performance parts I can find.I am not looking to build for speed but want the unusual.I sure could use some help. Thanks. zephyr41