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  1. 90 factory packs various rods etc. each have part no. $20 all yurgutis@yahoo.com
  2. includes everything. good cond. $200 yurgutis@yahoo.com
  3. vg cond. $25 ea yurgutis@yahoo.com
  4. old stock factory rebuild carter $65 plus ship yurgutis@yahoo.com
  5. old stock factory rebuild. carter. $65 plus ship yurgutis@yahoo.com
  6. had shop 25yrs. sorry, not right ones for corvette. they did have a small cap with flag but had 6 bars radiating out.
  7. original, good lens, some minor surface rust $85 yurgutis@yahoo.com
  8. gauge/clock/speedo assembly. vg cond $150 yurgutis@yahoo.com
  9. vg cond $40 plus ship yurgutis@yahoo.com
  10. vg cond. $50 plus ship yurgutis@yahoo.com
  11. good cond. $150 plus ship yurgutis@yahoo.com
  12. good cond. $185 plus ship yurgutis@yahoo.com
  13. complete. havent checked . as is.. $50 yurgutis@yahoo.com
  14. just an old guy. if they dont know what a hood ornament looks like they can go to "carnut" or whatever and see one and then check my description of it. most are just armchair yuppies that never get back with you. dont have time for that sort of thing. i am sure some will take offense but so be it, i dont have time to read responses anyways. emails are faster. everything i have ever sold has been just fine with description and nothing ever returned. dont have digital camera , dont need one. doing just fine. what did these guys do before there were pics?????
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