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  1. Just had the head rebuilt on my 37 Roadmaster. AS I am getting ready to assemble and install the manifold, I am wondering what seals the 3 piece exaust manifold at its joints. I also had the carb rebuilt. It is sloppy just above and idle but otherwise is find. Any input will be appreciated. Thanks. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />
  2. I have a 37 Buick Roadmaster with a 320 CI engine. The rocker assembly was not oiling when I purchased the car because the oil supply line was clogged. My assembly is not in the best of shape. AS I am rebuilding the head I would like to replace some of the rockers or possibly the whole assembly. Would like to know through what years and what engines the rocker assembly and push rods will interchange. Engine has solid lifters. THANKS, Redbug.
  3. Glad your staying with your project. Nice to have people from all over the world helping you out isn't it. As for the dissasembly of your rocker assembly you have recieved some excellent information. I am a book mechanic myself and I've noticed all areas covered but one. You were advised to lay the parts of the rocker assembly out carefully as to know how to reassemble them. I had the engine from a 56 chevy 235 6cyl rebuilt. I dissasembled and cleaned the rocker assembly myself. I wasn't sure and the motor manual didn't say which way the extra (drain) holes in the rocker rod itself went. Well I decided they needed to be in the up position. Well it took 2 years to figure out the problem, they should have been down instead. The car smoked and used oil because the valve guides were being flooded with oil. After moving the (drain) holes to their downward position everything was fine. Just wanted you to be aware of this as not to make the same mistake as I did. I'm 51 years old, And am probably one of the youngest ORIGINAL car guys at Missouri car shows. Everything is chopped up and rodded out. I once had thoughts of V-8ing my 37 Buick Roadmaster but my heart just wouldn't let me do it. I'm currently on the waiting list of a reputable mechanic to have the original straight 8 rebuilt. Some day after the dust settles from all of the chopping and street rodding we will be the ones with the valuable automobiles because, and I hate to say it, there will be a lot less originals than rods. . Keep chipping away like you have been, a little each day, and before you know it you'll be cruzin in YOUR ORIGINAL BUICK.
  4. AS mine are not as nice as I'd like, I'm looking for a pair of NOS or a good used pair of hood vents for my 37 Roadmaster. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.
  5. Have been following your progress for quite some time. Glad you are sticking with it. I have a 37 Roadmaster. In reference to your valve stem seals, they can be replaced without removing the head. You can use air pressure through the spark plug hole to hold the valve up while replacing the seals. Bet theres someone who could help you with this. If you haven't already done so you might remove the oil supply line which feeds the rocker and clean it. Its approx. an eighth inch line that runs from the block near the fuel pump to the top of the head. The brass fittings, one or both of them, I cant really remember, are orficed (have a very small hole in them) to regulate the oil flow and thus can plug very easily. Mine was completely plugged when I got my car and of course the tappets were not oiling at all. Hope this helps a little. Good luck, and I hope you'll be cruzin by summer.
  6. Well all of you Buick people should be happy. I have decided to rebuild the straight 8 in lieu of cobbling her up by sticking a V-8 in her. I appreciate the input so far and would appreciate any additional input. Thanks to everyone. I also have a stock 47 Chevy coupe, 64 Impala with 26000 original miles, and a 1953 Chevy 210 sedan that I drive to work every day. Terry Wright Kingdom City Mo.
  7. I have a 37 Roadmaster 320 straight 8. I have three other ORIGINAL vintage cars. I have been toying with the idea of V-Eighting this one but my heart tells me not to. I hear pistons are the big problem when it comes to rebuilding one of these. Of coure I know you don't know what you will have to do (boring and machine work, etc.) until you get it tore down and see what you have to work with. It does run good, has decent oil pressure, but consumes a quart of oil in 100 miles or less. I have a mechanic who is very capable of rebuilding this engine but I need help and assurance that I will be able to find the parts I need to do the job right. I know it won't be cheap, 5 grand would not be too much to spend if it would mean saving the original engine. Would appreciate any input that might help me from tearing the heart out of my old Buick. THank You.
  8. Wanting to know the color for paint code 500 for a 1937 Roadmaster. Thanks.
  9. Am looking for a pair of 16 inch 5 hole stock wheels for my 37 Buick. Also does anyone know if any other wheel will fit. Thanks.
  10. Just curious as to how many 37 Buick Roadmasters might still be in existence. I was told by an older Buick restorer that the general concensus is one half of one percent are still around. If my calculations are correct one half of one percent of almost 15,000 built would leave about 75. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Redbug.
  11. Does anyone know if there would be any 12 volt replacement headlight bulbs available for my 37 Buick Roadmaster? Thanks to everyone for their help with my past problems. Redbug.
  12. Wondering where I might purchase a wiring harness for my 37 Buick 80 series Roadmaster. Any idea how much one would cost? THANKS.
  13. Radiator will take a full stream of water from a garden hose. I'm suspicious of the head gasket leaking compression into the water jacket. Thanks for your reply.
  14. I recently purchased a 37 Buick Roadmaster with the original straight 8 engine. I've found when you drive it a short distance (20 miles or so), it starts loosing water out the overflow tube which naturally causes it to heat. I've ran it with and without a thermostat to no avail. I had the radiator checked for leaks it's fine. Any opinions concerning my problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  15. I have a 37 Buick straight 8 with a overheating problem. It will idle all day and not heat, but upon accleration water is being forced from the radiator via the overflow tube. Sometimes you can drive it 20 miles or so before losing any water. Of coure it doesnt have a pressure cap, I assume thats a pressure regulator of some sort that preceeds the overflow tube on top of the radaitor. Wondering if pressure is entering the water jacket via a faulty head gasket. Any help would be appreciated.
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