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  1. I would seriously consider finding a new frame. If there is that much corrosion damage in sight, just think what is lurking where you can't see. How is the floorpans and trunkpan? Body mounts?
  2. The front mounting plate should bolt to the front cover just as it does the 330. Have you eye-balled it yet? Listen, sometimes I forget to check in here daily and if you get in a pinch, E-Mail me OK?
  3. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Hi, A friend of mine has a '58 Mercury with the Cruise-o-matic (pushbutton) transmission: There are two strange positions : "brake" and "H C" (hill climb). And "performance" is 1-2-3 and "cruisin" is 2-3 , right ? thanks </div></div> There were two transmissions in the 1958 MERC (and variations of those); The earlier MERC-O-MATIC (larger case size than FORD-O-MATIC) and The new MULTI-DRIVE (Dual Range-1st or 2nd gear start chosen by driver). BRAKE is actually the release for the vacuum assist parking brake. HILL CONTROL is provided for extra pulling power. When it is pressed, the transmission is shifted into manual LOW. H/C leaves the trans in manual LOW and should not be used at speeds greater than 30MPH. You have PERFORMANCE and CRUISING correct.
  4. There should be very few differences, only those as previously described. If it is a 390 (or 360) circa 1973, it may very well be that the block itself is a 391 service replacement block (which is good). It will have reinforcing ribs on the side skirts. They usually came through with no (or few) casting I.D. Nos. Now remember, this 390 will not have the same low torque as the 330MD and it will have to be reved higher to get the HP and torque, so be prepared. I would not put the governor(s) back on (but do save them).
  5. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">So do you think the plug in intake manifold will work with a nipple for the modulator?</div></div> Yes. That will be you main tap for any vacuum accessory, brakes and/or modulator. You might get lucky and find a preformed line (from fitting to valve) at a donor yard. I am thinking it is 1/4".
  6. OK...If it is a MD...The light truck series will work...it just won't have as much grunt. I am not sure about the pilot bushing size at this point. If different, a replacement should be readily available from NAPA. Does the 330 have a large distributor with a governor attached? If so, the origional distributor will not work as the 360/390 intake manifold distributor hole is smaller and the 74/ 360/390 may have DURASPARK on it. It is not that much trouble to change over. You may have to use the 330 flywheel because of the clutch size. There should be no imbalance as the FE (except 410/428) and FT are externally balanced. You will have to size up the front crank snout to retain the 330 front drive or possibly go to the 360 front drive. I am thinking the 330 damper will go onto the 360 crank snout. Anything else, just ask and I will see if I can answer it for you or find an answer.
  7. Let me ask you first...Do you know the differences between a Y-BLOCK, an FE or possibly a 429/460? On the intake manifold runner, are there any casting I.D. Nos that resemble say C4AE 9424 B or similiar. If the trans has a modulator valve, it will have to have a source of manifold vacuum. The ported source of vacuum (for dist advance) will be located above the throttle plates.
  8. There may be two ports on the carburetor. The port you want for the vacuum advance is located above the throttle plates. It is called ported vacuum. If any are below the throttle plates, it will be full manifold vacuum. Now, if when you hook up the ported source and the car runs poorly, it will most likely be a bad vacuum advance cannister (blown diaphram) or possibly binding breaker plates in the distributor allowing the timing not to advance properly. The 59 should not have a modulator valve (not introduced until 1961 COM). Shift is controlled by throttle linkage.
  9. The 330 you have may be a MD or HD. Can you post the VIN so I can determine how the truck is built? Do you feel it is the same engine that came in the truck?
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