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  1. Seems like you have to learn new "feel" of brake pedal every time you get in car or you will put your rear seat passengers on the floor at the first stop lite! Seems like the last '55 was kind of like that too... Anybody know of easy modern brake pedal / master cylinder fix? (Not too expensive...)
  2. Thank you yet again! Have 360 (took it out of pick up 3 days ago after hearing it run & checking oil pressure -(40#)) & it sure looks like it will fit. Metal plate between block & trans match original 330 & heavier flywheel from 330 matches! Just like you said! Engine mounts on 360 were from sides & 330 was from front. Will 330 mount bolt to 360 or do I have to fabricate something?
  3. Thanks again! Have located '73 Ford pick up with VIN F150YRS03930... THinks engine is 390... No markings seller can find... Will it work as you described?
  4. OK...So if I stay w/ original 331 (and you are right, it just purrs) what do I do about hydramatic transmission....Does not shift very smoothly & revs up before shift etc...(A modern trans does have appeal). The front suspension needs king pins, bushings & trunions...(What are trunions?) Anyway parts for this look like $500 before labor... (Where can get better price on these type parts?)Do appreciate the disc brake info. Sincere Thank You for your thoughts!
  5. THANK YOU FOR HELP! I believe 330 engine is original to truck but rebuilt...It is MD I think because engine rebuilder had me measeure front of crank & oil pump drive rod... Front of crank is 1 & 3/8 and rod is 1/4....Know I can buy rebuilt engine but will cost at least $2000 w/ 13" clutch and will put more in this boom/bucket truck than it would be worth.... Really would like to put in '74 or so 360 out of pick up which I can get for $300....VIN F50CRP23503 WB 156 Body 48 Trans A Axle F3 GVW 16000 Net HP 164 RPM 3800 DSO 75
  6. Will 360 or 390 (or other) from 70 something pickup bolt up to existing transmission? Will flywheel from 330 fit on 360 or 390. (Is bolt pattern same?) Will pilot bushing from 330 fit 360 or 390 crank? Any balance problem using original 330 flywheel on replacement 360 - 390? (Apparantly 330 truck engine was interchangeable with 361 or 391 truck engines which, I believe, are different from 360 - 390 pickup truck engines...)
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