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  1. Sorry, I did't mean to offend anyone.
  2. I recently received an e-mail from a Robert Emry from Brazil, "signed" with a Norwich England address, at yahoo.com. Mr. Emry offered to sell some very desirable vintage auto parts. The various e-mails state he has been in contact with others. He cannot provide photos of the items. Has anyone had any dealings with Mr, Emry? Either heads up or thanks for input.
  3. Wanted 1908 Maxwell no number tail light any condition or parts and Maxwell or Westchester #2 or #3 carbide generator. 08 Maxwell LC5200 eveningstars@earthlink.net
  4. 08LC

    1908 LC 5200

    I have recently purchased a 1908 Maxwell LC 5200. Engine and transmission are in boxes. Need any liturature or photos giving clues for assembly. Also need Westchester #2 or #3 carbide generator, and tail light. Any info or contacts would be greatly appreciated. eveningstars@earthlink.net thanks jva