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  1. I have been an admirer of Franklins for some time. Perhaps its the air cooled thing as I am a Corvair owner (64 Spyder and 65 Corsa)!! The Franklin mark appears to have a strong if somewhat small loyal following. I would like to learn more about Franklins leading up to eventual ownership. Are there any good books, technical reports etc that would help me on my way to gaining some reasonable knowledge. Any Franklin activity in Pennsylvania after August of this year ?? Appreciate any help for a franklin newbie ! Ron
  2. I have an interest in purchasing one of the large lighted round Reatta dealer's signs - has the Reatta logo on it. Anyone have one they would like to part with? Please contact me with leads or interest in selling Many thanks.
  3. I had this same motor noise and a replacement motor fixed it. I agree with Mike that this replacement is not an easy job but I went at it systematically, step by step and found it not terrible. If you tackle it yourself I recommend the following: 1) buy a factory repair manual and read the appropriate sections carefully; if you own a Reatta, this will be a good investment for the future 2) The window does not need to be removed - it can be taped up to hold it in the full up position 3) Before you drill out the rivets that hold the motor and regulator assembly in place, knock out the centers
  4. With the interior of my 91 coupe nearly entirely renewed, I am now looking to enhance the look of one or two minor pieces. The headliner colored welting strip (beechwood tan) that surrounds the inside opening to the sunroof is a bit dirty and slightly frayed where the cloth has come loose a bit from the rubber strip itself. I could probably carefully reglue the loose edges of the cloth that covers it but was wondering if that part is still available or there is a very good replacement or if someone has a very nice used one to sell Any leads greatly appreciated Regards
  5. Sounds very cool! How about a JPEG of the finished product? Thanks Ron
  6. If I understand corectly, the 1991 wheels are bare aluminum (clear coated) only around the outer edge and the majority of the center portion of the wheel (including the center cap insert) is painted. Has anyone found a paint for respraying the wheels?? A couple of weeks ago it was suggested that "dull aluminum" or "argent" would be good for the center caps. Is it the same for the wheels also? What do the wheels look like if the paint is removed and the aluminum is buffed as in the 88-90 wheels? Anyone tried this ??
  7. It appears to me that the left top corner of the glove box door in my coupe has warped just a tad and is 'leaning in' toward the interior. Has anyone seen this? Is this a heat issue? This is a life long southern car (hurray, no salt) but even though it has lived a garage existence, it still gets pretty warm in there during the summer days. Has anyone tried a fix? I'm tempted to remove it, lay it in the sun to warm up, strap it firmly with a recurve bend and then let it take a new 'set'. Good/bad idea?? Appreciate any advice.
  8. Does this conversion relate to all years of Reatta or just 88-90 ?? Is the 91 ignition different ?
  9. Based on the considerable discussion on the recent inexpensive performance upgrade possibilities thread, I have the following question: If the 1991 3800 engine breathes easier (both induction and exhaust) than the 88-90 version, would the CAI box and the cone filter modification do comparatively more or less good than in the more restrictive earlier models ?? If it will do something I can feel, I'm interested. thanks, Ron 1991 Reatta Coupe 1964 Corvair Spyder Turbo Coupe 1965 Corvair Corsa 140 Coupe
  10. Actually, I bought this set on Ebay a while back and just recently installed it. The number of the company that Alan works for is 1-877-367-2279. He's easy to talk with.
  11. To the good folks of the Reatta forum: I thought that I would post to the group notification of my successful installation of a complete replacement carpet set in my 91 coupe (tan interior). The carpet set included both front and rear main sections as well as ALL of the additional pieces (storage compartment covers, console (3 pieces + fuse door covers) and door panel bottom section) (actually I have yet to add the door panel pieces but this will be easy - next weekend!). My old tan carpet was faded and made this great looking coupe look old (still only a teenager at 13 years, right!). I know
  12. Sometime back, it was reported on this forum that there wasn't yet located a good paint choice to respray the 1991 center caps (silver). Has anyone succeeded in finding a good substitute as yet? I want to redo mine and would greatly appreciate a good lead. Many thanks!!
  13. In taking out some interior pieces in my 91 coupe, I located a wire without any connection. It exits from the plastic wire chase on the driver's side of the car that sits underneath the rear storage (package) area. The wire is black with a white tracer stripe and has a green connector. Its about 18" long. Is this supposed to connect to something? I cannot find anything that appears to be the place it connects to anywhere in that area. Thanks for any help with this mystery!
  14. R-dudes Many thanks for the reply. Just a clarification. I use the term "sill" to mean the black sill plate with the Reatta script logo. In my original post the 'carpet retainers' I refer to are the interior colored plastic pieces that literally go over the cut edge of the carpet and are in two pieces (front and rear sections) held on by metal clips and one screw. I assume the same cleaning strategy will work. Thanks again!!
  15. I have gotten some great info from this list serve and finally joined as a member. Thanks to all you smart Reatta folks for previous info!! First post question = I am doing some detailing on my 91 coupe. The carpet retainers (plastic pieces) have some light scuffing that came from shoe dragging. The interior color is tan. Is there some product that works well as a good cleaner that will not do harm to these plastic pieces?? Same question for interior rear panel sections. Also, tips on methods (rag vs. stiff brush, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. I want to do good without doing harm!!
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