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  1. I'm eased to hear that, many thanks, I will try again! Here where the information is from that he retired: http://www.hemmings.com/hcc/stories/2008/02/01/hmn_feature14.html 4. break from down....
  2. Hi, I was told the running board guy Hundley Acuff has retired! Does anyone know if somebody absorb his molds or business? Thanks, Olaf / Germany
  3. too bad, no way to get the original pattern over here....
  4. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: ted sweet</div><div class="ubbcode-body">try Legendary Auto Interriors </div></div> Thanks, but no success!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a new Headliner for 1966 New Yorker. Anyone any suggests for a source? Thanks, Olaf
  6. Cecil, many thanks for the information, it helps very much! The price is as I had assumed. The car I have an eye for seems to be complete so far as I could see on one picture I saw now. It is a part of a huge collection from a heritage, so I have to be tactful, but I pray that this car will be mine anytime! It's a little bit like fishing! I had a look at your homepage, great work at a great car! Thanks for the first, will keep you posted! Olaf
  7. Phil, many thanks for the link, I also noticed it at the top of the posting here now! Most of my question are answered, just the question of a reasonable price is unanwered. I have an eye for a coupe' I can buy if God willing. But the car is located 1000 miles from my hometown, so I try to get information as much as I can get before I climb an plane. Is there any weak point I have to look for?
  8. Hi, I'm just fallen in love to the 1938 Lincoln Zephyr 3window Coupe'! It has the most beautiful design of all the great business coupes of the late 30th! I still own a 40'Chevy and 39'DeSoto business Coupe'. To find parts for the Chevy is no problem, for the DeSoto it is more and more difficult, sources drying out more and more. What's about the old Lincoln, are there part sources for reproductions or NOS for Lincoln parts as well! I had a search on Ebay, but there was not very much listed. From what car can parts also be used? What is a reasonable price for a complete car in medium condition, no bigger rust holes, just normal service like brakes, rubber, wiring ect.? Lots of questions....thanks, Olaf
  9. Hi from Germany, my fellow just bought a 1956 Lincoln Premier 2 door from California, it is on the way to Germany at this time. I don't know what condition it is for real, he told me it is in good condition, but I'm a little sceptic.... it is his first old car! Because I have two old American Cars (39'DeSoto, 40'Chevy) he asked me for help to find some information about the car! We definitely know NOTHING about it, except it has 2 doors and 4 wheels. So we are very thankful for all information we can get! What are the typical weak spots? What brakes are on the car, power brakes with disks? Thanks for your reply, Olaf
  10. Hi from Germany, A friend owns a 70' Chrysler New Yorker and needs for an insurance procedure the price of the car when it was new in 1970. Has anyone of you an old pricelist and can help? Thanks, Olaf
  11. Hello from Germany, who will be so kind to show /send a picture/link of the original licence light of a 1939 DoSoto (Coupe', if there is a difference) to me. On my car is a wrong one installed and I want to look for a original one! Or may be anyone has one on his shelf!? Thanks for reply, Olaf
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