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  1. good running hydramatic v8 car needing restoratio.front floorpans need rep'l,but good ones are incl. has special order paint code on firewall,bright red originally.probably for a fire chief?you'll own the only one. $9500 firm san jose,cali dualghia@hotmail.com
  2. all from a nice flattop 4door.gas tank,hubcaps,badges,instr cluster,stinless on lower trunklid edge,grille,etc email me dualghia@hotmail.com
  3. looking for a 2door or convertible to restore
  4. need solid drivers door shell,and chrome trim in xlnt condition
  5. looking for all lower side trim fron a 59 mercury also want a restorable 56 ford sun valley type 2door hardtop
  6. looking for a solid 'driver' or easy resto project. cell 415 2971226
  7. rear seat,rear windshield,all 4doors very solid,strait with glass and blue int panels,firewall,suspesion,frame,dash,steer column,hydramatic core,303 short block san jose,calif
  8. looking for a 'driver' 2door hardtop
  9. lots of parts also fit 1955 dodge.no hemi's,but good poly motors,stick tranny parts,fenders,hood,dashes,power steering,grilles,bumpers,hardtop rear glass,badges,etc
  10. looking for a 2door or convertible to restore
  11. i'm looking for an original 'electrojector' unit or parts or a 58 mopar that orig had this option. email me charles@wiredbenefits.com
  12. i'm looking for a 58 coupe or convertible or a 59 wagon to restore
  13. anyone have a schematic of this year sir ride system?or know of any cars with parts still installed?I think in '59 it may have only been installed on the rear suspension,but am not sure.thanks.any leads appreciated,maybe a parts car exists?
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