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  1. FOR SALE-1918 Oldsmobile Model 37, 5 passenger touring, 6 cylinder--AACA Senior, National Antique Oldsmobile Club Best Of Class--Full side curtains, authentic restoration, extra parts, literature, owners manuals etc. $27,500. lost storage space--owned 27 years--car in Vermont----Sky Borst 802-698-8421 svbnh@aol.com possible delivery reasonable distance- Thanks
  2. Thank you-- greatly appreciated-- SKY svbnh@aol.com
  3. WE are doing our 2012 scheduling and would like any available details on the Florida Winter Meet-- Mainly, the name and location of the host hotel Thanks-Great day here in Florida- SKY
  4. FOR SALE--1976 Olds Cutlass Salon Colonnade Coupe-- Sport Package, Mahogany color, second owner, Second Place AACA 2010 Winter National-Homestead,Florida. Extensive maintenance updates-full list available. Needs ac charged and radio repair-- Many manuals, catalogs, window sticker etc. Runs great, smooth and with the big car feel- Fly in to Tampa,Florida, or St.Petersburg ,Florida, and drive home. Clear Florida Title--Have lost storage so must sell. Reduced to $7,500. ( as usual I have more invested ) Sky Borst, Clearwater,Florida ( Belleair ) 727-584-5588 svbnh@aol.com
  5. 1976 Olds Cutlass Salon Colonnade Coupe, 67K, Second owner- 350V8, Auto, Sport package- Many-Many maintenance updates- Second Place at 2010 Winter National at Homestead,Florida-- Mahogany color- will send list of items completed- needs AC charged and radio repaired. Fly in to Tampa,Fl and drive home or use as winter car here in Florida. Must sell as am losing storage.-- Reduced to $ 7,500.00 ( As usual I have more invested ) Sky Borst- 727-584-5588 svbnh@aol.com
  6. WANTED---For 1968 Chevelle -- Need all NOS Dash Bezels to complete restoration- No repos available for this year--Thanks-- Sky Borst- svbnh@aol.com 727-595-3308
  7. Wanted---NOS Dash and Radio bezels for 1968 Chevelle--No reproductions available for this year-- HELP----- svbnh@aol.com
  8. Waiting for pictures from Walgreens--Will try to post them--Will gladly send a set to anyone that is interested
  9. FOR SALE--1931 Ford Model A Roadster--single side mount, trunk--This is one of those rare finds of a great 99% original car that has not been patched, restored etc. Was painted 50? years ago. Appears to have original top, side curtains, seats ,but newer kick and door panels. Some rust, dings and dents but a good running car--Very presentable to use as is and to me is too nice a car to restore. Recent updates include rebuilt generator,carburetor, belt, hoses, pack bearings etc. to make it driveable. Regret to sell but need the room.-Too many cars.--- Will deliver to Hershey.---Car in Concord,New Hampshire area. $ 22,500.00 --- svbnh@aol.com -----603-230-9566
  10. Due to a broken bottom spring on the oil pump, I was getting a chucking in the block which was hard and loud. I measured the guide pin hole in the block at 9/32 with a guide pin size of 1/4 inch. I have not been able to locate specs for these dimensions--are they correct??? will the new spring eliminate any looseness in the fit to the block ???? Did the movement cause the guide pin to wear ????? I will have a new guide pin made if necessary. Thanks for your help---Sky Borst-- Bow, New Hampshire
  11. Due to a broken spring at the bottom of the oil pump, I was getting a hard knock from what appears to be it chucking in the block.. I measured the guide hole in the block at 9/32 with a pin diameter of 1/4 inch. No where can I find these factory specs. CAN ANYONE HELP. ARE THESE THE PROPER SIZES ??? APPEARS TO BE RELATIVELY LOOSE-DOES THE SPRING COMPENSATE FOR THIS I will have a larger guide pin made for a snug fit if that is the correct solution???Thanks for your help--Sky Borst---Bow,New Hampshire
  12. Have a Rochester 2-barrel carburetor with original number tab---7029104-- Does anyone have information on what Car-( GM ) , model, engine, year etc. this may be from-- Thanks-- Sky Borst--- svbnh@aol.com
  13. WANTED TO BUY---Looking for a Rochester Carburetor # 7028110 for a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle 307 V8, 200HP--NOS or rebuilt or a good original that I can have rebuilt. Thanks-- SKY BORST--New Hampshire svbnh@aol.com
  14. WANTED----NOS radio antenna for 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle--right front fender mount Please send details-- Thanks---Sky Borst svbnh@aol.com
  15. Trying to locate information on codes, locations, color of chalk marks etc. to complete my restoration of a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu----Have not been able to research this properly---Can anyone point me in the right direction ???? Thanks-- Sky Borst- svbnh@aol.com
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