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  1. I need to get my 58 edsel out the shed to get it cleaned up and takes some pics of it to sell. The teletouch dosen't work in it. theres a hole above above the transmission where where someone was going to put a floor shifter in it. does any have a idea that i could use as a shifter for a quick fix for i could get out of the shed? thanks joe
  2. Thanks for all the answers i got they all were helpful. Yesterday I pulled the back drums i ruffed up the back shoes and washed the machined area of the drum. we also straightend the frame it was off a little bit. We took it for a test drive yesterday and to my suprise the brakes performed alot better better. when you hit the brakes hard she stop almost straight as an arrow. I think they might need to be adjusted a little bit but there about perfect now. One more question when we bled the brakes on it my dad noticed that rear drivers side didnt shoot fluid out like the rest did. he said it dribbled out more anything.
  3. Im having a problem with my brakes on my 57 chevy. when i hit the brake hard the rear end wants to pull hard like the car wants to turn sideways. Ive put all new wheel cylinders on it last fall, I put all new springs on the brakes yesterday ive got the hubs turned. Ive had the master cylinder rebuilt ive ran all new lines on it too. Ive asdjusted the brakes up good and they all about equal when you spin the tire. Ive never had a problem with the brakes like this before they always worked fine before until i put all new stuff on them. anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be?
  4. Well i know the floor wood is pretty much gone I'm not quite sure about the rest. my dad said that this car is in just as bad as his 33 Plymouth coupe was before he restored it. He has most of the original sheet metal from his 33 (he put 34 fenders on it) would some of the sheet metal from this car be the same or similar to what the Destoto's was? Joe
  5. My dad is planning on sandblasting it and fixing the rust spots on it. Thats all my dads has of it. its one of his many projects he has had for 30 years or so. I believe he paid 75 dollars for it back in the 70s. He is planning to make it into a street rod in the future. If anyone wants to know anything else about it or see any more pics just let me know. thanks for the help Joe
  6. hello i have a early 30s mo-par 3 window coupe body I believe it to be a 1932 desoto it has dual cowl vents. i have a few pics of it
  7. Hello this week I want to get the brake drums on my 57 chevy turned but i need the specsifications for them. does anybody know what they are? any info would be helpful. thanks joe
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  9. I would like to buy a nice car cover for my dad for christmas i would like to spend around $50 or so the cars he has is a 1933 plymouth coupe and a 1937 chevy coupe i would like to get one that would fit either of them. anyone now of a good place to buy them?
  10. my dome light in my 57 chevy isnt working, i never gad a problem with it until a couple of days ago. all the other lights work as they should, i replaced the dome light bulb to see if i was burnt out the new one didnt fix it. i was wondering if i anyone had any things i could check?
  11. In my shop class this year were going to be learning/doing engine rebuilds. Since my buick engine is most likely going to need a rebuild since the motor is siezed. I thought of taking it over to my class and have myself rebuild it. i was wondering if these engines were pretty simple to rebuild or would this not be a good choice for m firt one?
  12. My 57 has the orginal windshield washer set up on it, its the button on the dash operated one. its been awhile since it worked. i can only find one hose that goes to it im sure there was a couple more. my guess they rotted and fell off at one time. since im working on the car i would like to get it working but i have no idea how the hoses go. I was wondering if anyone would have a diagram of how the hose went or a picture of one any info would help. thanks Joe
  13. Ive been driving my 1957 chevrolet the past couple of days. While driving the car i was wondering if there were any cars from this era that were better in braking, handling, ride, control? then my car was? or were they all about the same?
  14. I bought a new ignition cylinder for my 57 because the ignition key was lost some time ago. I was wondering how do i remove the old ignition cylinder?
  15. Im getting the 57 chevy motor back this week from being rebuilt. The engine was in pretty bad shape for only having 70,000 on it. I was wondering if GM had better tolerences and machine work done on their higher end cars then their lower end cars? Would a 1957 Buick have a better made engine then a 57 chevy?
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