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  1. How about a convertible top with frame attached. Supposedly the whole unit will come out by unbolting 4 bolts? How much would you want for a top in good shape? Email me at rdurbeck@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  2. Also, what do you do to remove the opera window? Do you just cut the black silicone bead around the window? Thanks in advance!!
  3. What rubber gaskets?? Now I'm getting somewhere. Whre are the gaskets you're talking about? I found one near the rear window.
  4. I want to remove the headliner on the hardtop so I can remove and clean the opera windows which are fogged up. I've already broken a couple clips and can't seem to get the thing off. Anyone do this already?
  5. Dave, Hi, I'm in Andover, MA and am tinkering with a new TC. My above advice should allow you to get the oil flowing and lubricate all necessary parts. As long as your battery isn't too flat, you could spin the engine for a minute of so, but don't do it in intervals longer than 7 or 8 seconds (not good for the starter). I picked up my TC in January and have been playing with it a little. My email is rdurbeck@yahoo.com if you want to discuss the TC and its issues. Godo luck with the lubrication of the turbo. Rich
  6. I haven't looked at them side by side, but they do look similar.
  7. It could be that the switch has crapped out due to the fact it's been flopping around. That is the case with my drivers seat switch (found that out yesterday when I installed the console). That switch won't move the seat forward, so I swapped around the switches (pass side to drivers side) and need to find a good switch. Try swapping the switches and see if you find the same is true.
  8. Maybe I was lucky, but the button assempbly is fixed. AFter taking the console out I saw that the plastic posts were broken off at about the halfway point. I was able to use longer screws that had a slightly thinner thread in the remaining portion of the post. The screw hole is pretty much the entire depth of the post. It feels pretty tight and should be permanent. Now the next project is trying to get the leather looking better. I will follow the advice of an earlier post and try some acrylic paint. I already bought one color which is too dark; I'll get something light and try to mix and match. Then there's the fogged up opera window which should be easy, just time consuming. Basically, you have to remove the headliner on the hardtop and take out the window. Then I'll try to get the two pieces apart and remove the plastic laminate in the middle (which is the part that fogs up). I'll chart my progress in this forum. Good luck to all TCers!!
  9. I took out the console and can see where the four posts snapped, the posts that support the power seat button assembly. Has anyone come up with a good permanent fix? Maybe a bracket of some sort?
  10. For what it's worth, neither does mine. I get sufficient heat though.
  11. It got to 33 degrees yesterday so I took the hardtop off and drove around topless. It was fun. I also took a look at the convertible soft top. It's toast. The material just breaks apart when to touch it. Where can you find one of the soft tops, and how much should it cost installed??
  12. It's in the glove box. Good for me, because I didn't get a trunk key!
  13. GREAT Twincam, do you have a link to that webpage!! I'd like to get that out of the way. Here's the link to my TC purchase on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...IT&rd=1
  14. Mine are "fogged up", the laminate between the two panes is discolored and you can't see out the window. What is the best source for aftermarket parts, particularly shocks and struts for now? TIA. Rich
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