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  1. paint and trim codes are unreadable..... too faded , date of manufacture says 10-03, but is registered as a 1984. sloan museum answered my e-mail ,but had no info. the top under the vinyl is all metal, and formed to make it looked ribbed like a conv. not that it matters but it is a white car and the top is blue. Thanks again Fritz
  2. Thanks for the info guys, this car is definetly not a "jewel".... just curiuos havent seen many around, and I want it out of my yard......i am going to sell it locally hope to get 300 for it....runs ok .... but not worth anyone traveling for... just wanted to know what this convert lookalike was called and if it was a factory item again thanks Fitzior
  3. Sooo...............where are all the Buick experts?
  4. I have a 1984 buick that looks like a convertible, but is not, were there many of these cars made, and what is is it called, just a riviera coupe?
  5. I have a Brown 1963 impala 2 door post for sale, engine rebuilt and balanced, pink rods, camelback heads 327, about 8 years ago, body is fair, some rust, 3000.00 will post pics as soon as i get them.It is a three speed column shift.
  6. \ the car is a 1933 dodge four door car I have pics as attacenmts
  7. In a previous post I mistakenly posted partsfor a 1933 parts car as a 1932, pics are available in the other post
  8. I checked the numbers and it is a 1933 dodge, anyone intereseted in parts for a 1933 dodge?
  9. I am need of headlight asmbly complete for both sides for a 1941 chevy special deluxe and rear tailihgt asmblys as well
  10. on further inspection the car lacks a horn, the pass door is in good shape, drivers side door has some rust high up (rust through can be repaired) no big dents, might be some dings, the running boards including front fenders appear in good shape, (so significant dents, perhaps some dings), also the instrument cluster looks to be in good shape looks very clear , I am looking for a digital camera to take pics , so that i can post them for you, I will try to post them tommorrow. back fenders are dented up, there were in fair shape until the guy who loaded the unit dropped the car at my place.
  11. I will check and let you know as soon as possible
  12. I will check parts and condition you need and get back to you.Also it is a six cylinder. I live in north central North Dakota, Near the international peace gardens. phone 701-477-3571 evenings, 701-477-7877 days
  13. missing parts include radiator, trans, carb, headlights, 1/2 chassis is also missing. has door handles, all doors, running boards, engine and bell housing , lockedup
  14. I am looking for a 1934 dodge four door chassis
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