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  1. Unrestored Stutz 4 pass boat tail speedster for sale or trade
  2. 66 Impala SS convertible. Original SS facktory air. Needs restoring Located in PA. I am alway interested in Indian Chiefs, or will tade in cars 1914-1970
  3. Need a windshield frame for a 1937 De Soto 4 door convertible. It is not the same as the sedan. Any ideas? Also need frony and rear bumper.
  4. !924 Buick 6 cyl showroom engine. Cut to show all moving parts. Possibly original from Buick. Allways been inside. Offers? Trades?
  5. !924 6 cyl. shoeroom engine. Cut open to show all moving parts. Possibly done by Buick. Good shape. Allways been Inside. Offers? Trade?
  6. Have several Bosch D4 and D6 dual and others.
  7. Unrestored. Not a reproducktion. Have all parts. Will trade.
  8. Might as well sell it.: !927 Black Hawk 4 pass speedster. Unrestored. Most of the body is original. Have all parts. Trades?
  9. Impala SS conv. Needs work but can be driven. New top comes whith. Have all SS parts. Car is in PA $ 11000
  10. 1935 Auburn convertible sedan, unrestored. 6 cyl engine is missing. Also about 50 motorcycles 1915-1935. Did`nt loose interest, just got tired.
  11. I would say its a german Brennabor that used a 8 cyl Rickenbacker engine
  12. fidol

    UUR2 carburator wanted

    Had the same problem on a Stutz and on other cars too. The British SU carb seems to work good on other cars. The Jaguar 3,8 has the same bore as the Stutz and should work. These are adjutable to some degree, easyest on the older ones. Just invent a way to hook it on and try. The Marvel carb from the bigger Buicks from 33-34 should also work. They are made of the same material, and usually need work to funcktion, but are easier to find in useable codition.
  13. fidol

    No more Auburn

    Have 1935 Auburn 6 conv. sedan. Wrong engine. Want 4 cyl Stutz projeckt,or chassis, prefer pre 1917,will consider anythig.
  14. fidol

    Speedster parts

    Finally I have been able to reproduce all castings for the AA - BB speedster,headlight and taillight posts,step plates and spare wheel carriers.These are as correckt as they can get. Patterns was expensive. Anybody interested in a set?
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