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  1. 30x3 1/2" rubber stem tubes. New never mounted. $10.00 each plus $3.00 each for shipping to US/48. Thanks William. amspiritdl@cs.com
  2. New rubber stem tubes small combo fits sizes 31/32/33/34x4. $19.00 each. Also have the Large combo fits sizes 32/33/34/35-4 1/2/5 with the rubber stem valves. All tubes are new. Shipping will be $3.00 each to US/48 Thanks William. amspiritdl@cs.com
  3. I have four 550x17 BFGoodrich blackwall tires that are new and never mounted. $81.00 each plus shipping. Will split and sell one or two if you want.COKER wants $106.00 each plus shipping. Thanks William. amspiritdl@cs.com
  4. Please take a look at these two Epage sites. There is a large amount of automotive items that are for sale and all are priced and most all have pictures and descriptions. Please click on http://epage.com/js/about/c0/208016 and http://epage.com/js/about/c0/blown73stang460 and scroll down the page to see the ads. Thanks William epage
  5. This is a couple of lists of automobile items that I have for sale. You might find something you could use. Please click on HTTP://epage.com/js/about/c0/208016 and Http://epage.com/js/about/c0/blown73stang460 Scroll down the page to see the ads. Thanks William. <a href="epage.com/js/about/c0/208016" target="_blank">EPAGE</a> <a href="epage.com/js/about/c0/blown73stang460" target="_blank">EPAGE</a>
  6. Paul. My # 847-696-2567. Send a Postal or Walmart money order for $57.00 shipping included to William Drozd 929 Riverside Park Ridge, IL 60068-2166. Thanks William.
  7. This is a brand new old stock never mounted stand up hood ornament that fits the 79/85 BUICK RIVIERA. Chrome with the script R in gold. The GM part #25500679. $45.00 plus $8.00 for shipping to US/48. Payment by Postal or Walmart money order. Thanks William. [color:\\"red\\"]
  8. A new set of twenty special studs with 9/16 threads on one end and 1/2 inch threads on the other end. A new set of twenty Chrome lug nuts is included. You screw the studs into your hub and then put your wheels on with the new lug nuts. Also you can put on almost any modern wheel on your BUICK. $49.00 for the forty piece kit plus $8.00 for shipping to US/48. Also have a kit to put mag style wheels on same price. To see a picture please click on http://epage.com/js/mi/c0/1786983 That picture is for a SKYLARK lug set. Payment by Postal or Walmart money order. Thanks William. epage
  9. This is a new wrist watch with the BUICK logo and the BUICK script on the face. It also has the date in it. This BUICK watch has a stainless steel case with a genuine leather wrist band. It is battery (included) powered with a three year warranty. The BUICK name and crest are engraved in the back cover. Also included is a metal gift box with the BUICK logo's on it $34.00 plus $5.00 for shipping to US/48. Thanks William. ep.com amspiritdl@cs.com
  10. Please click on my link and take a look at the buick emblems that I have pictured. Thanks William. ep.com amspiritdl@cs.com
  11. Fireball. 70's 80's 90's Thanks William. ep.com amspiritdl@cs.com
  12. BUICK Hood ornaments, Medalions, Emblems, Name Plates, more than 90 pieces. All items are used and in good used condition. $65.00 plus $10.00 for shipping to US/48. Thanks William. ep.com amspiritdl@cs.com
  13. I have two of the BUICK dealer flags available. Thanks William. To see a picture please type in to your search. http://ep.com/js/about/c0/208016 ep.com
  14. New Buick dealer flags. 30"x42" heavy duty nylon with two grommets for hanging. These are the same style that the dealers hang in there showrooms. New never been hung. $25.00 plus $4.00 for shipping to US/48. Please click on my Link. Thanks Willam. Postal money order is best. ep.com amspiritdl@cs.com
  15. The 56 spoke Packard wheel has two bolt patterns. Five lug on 4 1/2" and five lug on 5" pattern. Uses stock lug nuts or lug bolts. I also have the 52 spoke Packard chrome wire with the five on 5" pattern only. The 52 spoke with caps is $1445.00 a set of four [color:"red"] and includes free shipping US /48.I do not have a picture of the bolt patterns at this time. Thanks William.
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