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  1. Good suggestion Tom. This car hasn't been driven for perhaps 50 years. However, when my Father-in-law parked it last, it was inside. So there it's sat. No rust, interior shot from mice, dried out hoses, etc. The typical long non use conditions, but INSIDE. That saved it! There's a dent on the passenger front fender thanks to my Mother-in-law, but a small price to pay.
  2. Thanks so much to ALL of you. This is extremely helpful. I can't wait to continue learning about this vehicle and bringing back to life. I'll keep you all posted as I collect information when I get to the vehicle in a couple of weeks. Sincerely, Vince
  3. It might be the body number tag. I'm going to visit in a couple of weeks and will look where you described. Thanks so much for the help and info. No one can recall the year of the car and none of us are familiar enough to know the difference in the models. When I look on the internet, it seems the Continental and Zephyr looked similar in '47 and '48. I'm pretty certain this car is one of those years and one of those models. I'm looking at your helpful chart. I see Zephyr specifically listed in, say '42. But in '47 and '48 it just says Lincoln V-12. Did they make the Zephyr in '47 & '48? Again, thanks very much.
  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Vince (VAV) and I'm trying to learn about a Lincoln that's been in my family since the late 1940's. There's confusion on if it's a 1947 or 1948 and what model it might be. I'd like to restore the vehicle and step 1 is to get a new title issued since my family can't find the original one. I can tell you all it's a v-12 and I believe the number on the car is: 876H7326612. It's a 4 door (suicide). I've attached 2 pictures, which aren't very good to help you all, but it's all I have at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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