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  1. Thanks for both replies. I'm glad I'm not totally wrong in my assumptions. 😁 Now I'll just have to try to figure out what model. I'll start with the Chevys as suggested. Unless someone can narrow down the model. Not sure if there's a way to tell that.
  2. So we bought an older 1920s house some years back which has a basement and crawlspace. We found these three items under the house, and I believe they are older windshields to some type of older classic (antique?) Car. Does anyone have any ideas how I'd go about identifying what they go to? I haven't found any identifying numbers or words on them. They appear to be metal (maybe iron) surrounding the glass. Two of them have screws on the sides. Each one measures about 11inches by 39.5 inches. That seems to be too small for windshield, but the I can't figure out what the heck else they are. Any thoughts?? Thanks in advance!!
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