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  1. Thanks for the production numbers. Here is a picture of a picture of my 1975 Olds Salon Hatchback. That is the original paint with a white interior. It's a Factory corporate car with a Buick 350 4bbl and a turbo 350 trans behind it. Has a 3:08 8.5" rear gear ratio with front and back anti-swaybars. I bought this car back in 1980's from a friend for $200 with a blown head gasket and repaired it myself. I dropped the stall speed by installing a larger torque converter and tweaked the Quadrajet carburetor's part throttle fuel adjustment screw and was able to get 25 miles to the gallon City driving and the car was able to keep up with and stay next to Pontiac 400 Trans Am's and a 73 big port 4V Grand Ranchero back in the day. I still have the car today covered up. I have the trim that goes between the two side windows not shown in this pic. I noticed the VIN shows it as a Hatchback even though it obviously has the Salon package with the aluminum steering wheel. Does anyone know what other VIN number or where the other package numbers exist?
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