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  1. This is really interesting - I appreciate your detective work, folks! Since the picture was from 1947, and the vehicle seems to be 1937, the possibilities for local modifications make sense, adding in the necessity for improvising for getting through the depression and war years.
  2. The referral to "Tin Can Tourist" site (thanks!) with their model "wiki" helps lead me to think this is a Schult trailer. I can't find the exact one, but am inferring it is about a 1939. The '39 trailers have doors even with the roof line, and similar 1942 and 1946 ones have doors that go part way into the roof cap. What do you think?
  3. From pix I'm googling, it seems it's a "stake truck" - and their cabs do seem a bit "chopped off" to accommodate the sides. I also saw something about a "grain bed" - could be appropriate for North Dakota grain-growing. No idea of tonnage of truck - not sure it can be told from the picture. I do notice the hood vents are vertical, and others I'm seeing in pictures online are horizontal.
  4. I think 1951 Buick for car on left (Grandpa's car) makes sense - picture seems to match Bloo's posted pic. Grandpa usually bought a new car every 3 years, and this picture is from 1953 or 54. We were always taught to "look for the holes" on the Buick, and Grandpa always had them - 3 or 4-holed Re one on the right, I do recall an "old jalopy" and the word "Dodge" connected to it - it was used to commute to the local train station. So 1936 Dodge for the one on the right?? Is that the consensus? Thanks for your help!
  5. Thanks! April in North Dakota!
  6. Don't know if there's enough of the picture to ID this truck used on a North Dakota farm in 1947. ID help much appreciated!
  7. My grandfather always drove a Buick - would love to know its year & model. Don't know if there is enough picture to identify the 2nd car on the right - suggestions welcomed
  8. Thank you for the help! I remember my parents talking about their fondness for the "coupe". I seem to remember a dark blue-green color - is that possible? And would also guess the "less-new" model for 1950 - they weren't "new car" people at that point
  9. I think this was our family car in 1950 - help with ID much appreciated!
  10. My parents & I lived in this in 1948 outside of Chicago. Does anyone have an idea of what it is or where I can find out? Thanks for any help!
  11. The pictures are from a family album dated 1948. I believe these are the same car - the "first family car". I'm having trouble finding other online pix to identify it - the "slant-back" or "fast-back" is different from many models that come up when I search. And I haven't been able to locate model "charts" for ID purposes. My friend who knows a lot about antique cars thinks its a '38 Oldsmobile, and if so, I can't find the series/model specifics or a good picture. It's also very similar to 1937-38 Plymouths, but again I can't tell for sure what year/series/model etc. Any ID help much appreciated! And what details helped with the ID so I can learn. And if you can provide any info about the trailer, that would be a bonus! (And please forgive any improper use of terms - I'm out of my knowledge area ) Thank you!
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