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  1. Any thoughts about the whining tranny?
  2. Appreciate all the comments. The seller wants 90k, what he paid for it 7 years ago. Assuming all worked correctly then, that seems too high to me given a 10-20k cost waiting to correct all.
  3. Good evening guys, I looked at the car today, in, over and under. Here are my observations and questions for you: 1. This car had a frame on refreshment some years ago. New paint, new KH chrome wheels, engine rebuild. No rust but interior is original. Looks pretty good but could stand a thorough cleaning. 97k miles, maybe original. Some gauges don’t work. All 7 relays in electric hydraulic system work but nothing moves. Hydraulic pump isn’t work though it has power. Thus none of windows, seats, or top could move. 2. Car is very pretty Matador red but chrome needs cleaning. Everything is there and from 20’ is drop dead gorgeous. Up close it needs lots of attention visually. Everything is there. No rust anywhere after crawling under the car and poking around under carpeting. 3. Engine oil and tranny fluid looked amber and pink. Radiator needed 1/2 gallon of fluid so I tipped it up. A little oil in air filter bath but not much. The engine and tranny look too clean to be original but not clean enough for a rebuild in last 7-10 years. 4. Driving it: Front end seems very very loose. It wandered all around bumpy roads, had a hard time staying in a straight line on smooth roads, and it was surprisingly not comfortable. When starting from a dead stop, and especially if going up any incline, the tranny whined like a big dog. The whining went away at 5-10 mph. After that it was fine. Seemed like plenty of power. 5. Top is a canvas replacement top with a very small glass back window. Apparently this is an option some top guys offer. I really like the 53 in general but something tells me this tranny has pending issues, at least the front suspension needs a complete overhaul, and the electric hydraulic system needs some work at the pump. Maybe a new solenoid or a pump. Some chrome may need to be refreshed. Paint is fine for a pretty driver which is what I seek. Your thoughts? Thx Glen
  4. This is a nice idea and thank you for doing this. Though it could be asking too much, this registry you're building would be very interesting if it included 53 and 54 though maybe a 53 registry already exists. Vin de Peppo would probably know (founding member of the 53/54 Skylark Group in BCA.
  5. Have to admit, I’m impressed with the enthusiasm which Buick folks approach their cars. Also, it’s been great to hear from a variety of folks around the country as I network out by phone. Lots of smart people who seem like a lot of fun. After I drive and inspect the car, and make a decision I’ll let you know how it turns out. Though not as smart as this whole bunch, I’m getting better informed which will lead to a more informed decision. If this does work out, I suspect I’ll be pretty happy in this community. Thank folks!
  6. Great feedback John. Thank you. My 57 C1 has burped tranny fluid on occasion, especially if not driven for awhile. Appreciate the guidance. I’m open to all as I have a lot to learn!
  7. The hydro electric is for the windows and seats, correct? Other than leaking what should I look for? Thank you
  8. Not specifically. Most of my experience is with Chevy autos.
  9. Hi folks, just joined as I’m looking to buy a restored 53 Skylark that’s sitting in a collection mostly non-driven. It’s a lovely car but has been in storage in a collection for 7 years. I’ll be driving it in a few weeks. I’m mechanically inclined, have been restoring motorcycles for some time, and am a mechanical engineer. However, I don’t know much about these old Skylarks other than they are one of the prettiest cars ever made, and that old things need maintenance. What do you recommend I look for when climbing around the car and driving it for hidden issues? The seller has indicated he believes the shocks need to be rebuilt. I can handle extraction and sending out for rebuild. What else? Thank you one and all for allowing me to join this community. BTW I have a 57 C1 Corvette that I’m touching up after sitting for many years in the Mecum and another collection with little maintenance. It’s going ok. Cheers, Glen
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