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  1. I searched for photos of both the PD and PC, they both have the slanted window post, what bothers me is the large rear window on my dad's. I know my '32 PB, the rear window can be unhooked at the bottom and folded up into the roof and attached to the roof straps, wonder if it was the same with the other two, as they seem to have small rear Windows also?
  2. Thank you, yes my '32 door post is part of the body, below is a photo of my'32, with door open
  3. Oh, ok, Thank you, I can see how that could be, just never looked at it that way, maybe a tree branch seen through the passenger window?
  4. I now own a '32 Plymouth PB coupe convertible, I noticed multiple differences to this vehicle, this has a horn ring, the windshield frame is slanted, the window crank and door handle are reversed, the rear window is much larger, and the top is shorter
  5. yes , my car has the free wheeling, but the knob doesn't seem to want to move, since it is running, I didn't want to mess with it
  6. Thank you, appreciate this
  7. Ok, thank you, I was thinking on the lines of making new bars, and replacing the pins to tighten it all up. As far as the lubricant in the transmission, one fella said use 90 weight gear lube, which I did, another fella said it would be better with non channeling gear lube, to slow the spinning gears faster. I am a gentle driver, I take my time, shift slow and let the gears mesh at low RPM's. it isn't the gears grinding that I'm worried about. When the shifter sticks it is usually when trying to shift out of third gear, I drove about 10 miles through back roads this afternoon and it shifted fine. The times it did hang up were when I was on a slight upward grade at an intersection. I had the shifter out a couple months ago, I saw the H pattern for the end of the shifter to move through, the old grease was hardened, I scraped it all off, cleaned all the moving parts, then regreased everything with wheel bearing grease, put it back together and it worked fine till this week. That was when I thought maybe the linkage could be the problem, maybe not getting full clutch movement because the linkage is so loose and worn, before getting involved in tearing the transmission out. The 140 you are using is it readily available, what brand? thanks again for the help, Dale
  8. No, there isn't any noise, I had a mechanic check the linkage today, he say's it is very worn, there are 3 sets of double bars connecting the clutch pedal to the shaft on the left front of the transmission, this assembly is leaning outward to the drivers side, looks like a lot of wear in the pins and probably the holes in the bars, can't be sure without disassembly.the attached photo is looking to the rear from the engine compartment. Thanks,Dale
  9. I am having trouble with thee transmission hanging up in 3rd gear, after driving at back road speed, usually happens when I try to downshift, or even after a stop, won't go into any other gear, could it be an clutch adjustment, a linkage problem, or is it an internal gear or clutch problem? I have the Silver Dome 4 cylinder engine, car is showing 76000 miles, was rebuilt in the mid 60's.
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