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  1. Thank you again, JZRIV! I'm taking the driveshaft out this weekend and will get a closer look at it. I would rather rebuild it than replace it if I can.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply JZRIV! now I have another question for anybody that may know the answer on this forum. Would a Buick wildcat drive shaft from 1966 work as well?
  3. Does anybody know if there is any compatibility between years with drive shafts for a 1966 Riviera. My 1966 Riv driveshaft either needs rebuilding or needs to be replaced. Looks like getting parts for a rebuild is quite a challenge. Since I may source a used shaft, I am wondering if the 1966 has a unique one. I’m having trouble finding that out, but I’m assuming it’s possible because it seems the drivetrain to be a one year bridge from first generation to second generation. Just looking for a little guidance here From those of you who have a lot of experience with these.
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