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  1. Guys, thank you very much! I am very pleased to know that there are people who like Dodge as I do!
  2. Friends, thank you very much! I measured with a tape measure - wheelbase 3.80 meters, which corresponds to WB 150. And yes, it was build in 1930-1931. There is also an identification number - column 6. And where can I find out how many of these trucks have been produced in total?
  3. Dear friends! In our country, Moldova, a fine example of preserved history appeared - a pickup truck Dodge Brothers, 1929. The car is perfectly restored and characterizes the era of rapid technical development of the automotive industry. This is the first historic truck in our country. But it is very difficult for me to get information about the technical characteristics, since this is no longer the Graham Brothers and Chrysler. Can anyone know how to decipher the vin code BT1J111111K57CE and what are the technical characteristics here? Regards, Vita
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