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  1. Thanks so much for the input, AND PICS! I'll be addressing this again at the end of the week, and with the gracious assistance from everyone and images provided by TerryB, hopefully, I'll be able to figure this out. And yes, Bloo, according to the owner, it did work fine before. Thanks, again to all. I'll certainly let you know how it turns out. Bill
  2. Thanks for the photo. I really appreciate your help, but that looks quite different than the setup on the Chrysler. I really think there would be a return spring. Hopefully, someone will be able to enlighten me one way or the other.
  3. The overcenter spring is there, but that's the only spring I see that's involved with the clutch. There is a grease fitting and it's been lubed Will check more closely to see if the bushing is worn excessively. Car is an older concours quality restoration.ks for the suggestions. Hopefully, something reltively simple and I can figure it out. Thanks so much for the tips and suggestions.
  4. Working on a 1953 Chrysler T & C Wagon with a hemi and fluid drive transmission. When disengaging the clutch, the clutch pedal sticks to the floor. Can lift it with my foot and car drives fine. Any suggestions or tips on adjusting it to release as designed? Thanks in advance for any information. Bill
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