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  1. I did try to locate the missing parts 15 years ago. The guy that worked on the engine passed away and his family scrapped everything in his garage. I could never locate the front doors....
  2. Yes, sir. I was away this past weekend. I hope you received my Emails tonight
  3. Looking for offers on a 1926 Buick Master 6 4 door. My dad started a full restoration and passed 20 years ago. It has been in storage. The front doors and engine are missing, he sent them out for repair and I don't have the info to find them. And the rest is in parts. The body is on the frame along with the tranny and drivetrain. I will send pics to anyone interested. The body was cleaned up years ago and primered. Also I have some parts that have been repaired and nickel plated, window cranks, front bumpers and shell for the radiator. And 2 of the wooden spoke wheels have been restored. Located near Valley Forge, Pa Please contact me at transatool@aol.com
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