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  1. Thanks to all who helped me identify my Plymouth as a 1929 U model.


    I had no local takers for it whole, so I just listed it as available for parts on this site under the "buy and sell" section of Chrysler.


    Hopefully it can be a good organ donor.  :)


    If you need parts or spares for your ole girl, shoot me an email.



  2. Well, I tried to sell the whole car locally for $2000 and nothing came of it, so if anybody could use parts it's looking like that is the way I will go.


    The car is serial #GC346P.  The wood was completely rotten and the car was stripped down years ago.


    The motor turns easily (head off) though valves are stuck open.  No transmission.  Gauges are nice, doors pretty good sheet metal, fenders not as good.


    Let me know if you want pictures of specific bits and pieces. 


    Parts would ship from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada





  3. 21 hours ago, ply33 said:



    Concur with @Canadian PB Kid, that FedCo serial number is from near the end of the 1929 Model U production for the Windsor, Ontario assembly plant. Here is what I would make out of that number:


    Serial Number GC-346-P
    Found in range GP-583-W to GC-499-L
    Serial 7632 of 9168
    Year 1929
    Make Plymouth
    Model Code U
    Plant Windsor
    Engine 4 cylinder 170.3 cu.in. L-head
    Wheelbase 109 3/4 inches
    FedCo Number GC-346-P



    Excellent, thanks for that.  At least I know what it is now!


    I am trying to sell it all complete (though disassembled) locally first ($2500 CAN$ = about $1875 US) but will part it out if nobody wants it.

    (I had given up on it as a Hot Rod, so it didn't occur to me that others might be more brave)


    Thanks all.

  4. On 2/16/2021 at 2:51 PM, DFeeney said:

    Hello,  A 1928 Q and a 1929 U are almost identical in appearance,   The 28 Q used the Maxwell engine and the 29U used the first true Plymouth 4.  Post a picture of your engine so it can be identified.  The engine serial number on both engines  are on the drivers side of the engine on the front  middle side. The 28 Q starts with a Q and the 29U , a U. A car with bad wood is a labor of Love that  most people won't undertake.  USA Plymouth Q's had two groves on the bumper faces and the 29 U one.  The 28 Q used a hex hub cap and the 29 a slightly larger hub cap.  The pictures appear to be a 29 but the engine will tell for sure.  Think Spring,  Don


    I've got the motor in a crate buried under a mountain of junk, lol.  Does the number on the dash tell us anything?  GC346P I believe it says. 


    Also, the rad emblem says "Plymouth Made in Canada" under the white sailing boat.  I had no idea they also made them in Canada.  I suppose Plymouth sent up the panels and let us Canadians fell some trees and build the rest of the car, lol.  Perhaps the worlds first "kit car"!!  You supply the wood!

  5. Hi all,


    Can you experts tell me, just by looking, if this is a 1928 or 1929 Plymouth?  Q or U?  (Or tell me how best to determine). 


    I received it years ago from my father (since passed) and had intended to restore it, but on disassembly the wood turned to dust, lol.  The project was well above my abilities and so it has sat in pieces.  I think its time to advertise the pieces, thus the need to know what exactly it is!


    Besides identifying the car, if anybody could throw out a ballpark value for a door, a frame, a motor, I'd appreciate it.  (I'll guess out the rest based on those!).  I suspect the parts will be sold locally (Alberta, Canada) as there is nothing lightweight and as you can see in the picture the car was pretty rough.


    Amazing to see that there are still guys interesting in and able to restore such cars!  


    Thanks for your help!   


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