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  1. I thank everyone for their thoughtful comments, I know this is not a money maker and that was never my intent. Being a local historian and a car buff I love this stuff and I have seen important documents disappear for ever because there was only one copy ever made. I was hoping to see if there was enough interest to help defray some of the costs for my own hard copy. Rather than respond to everyone individually I will do some further research and get some copies of what the research looks like and post them here some time in the future. The owner, a good friend of mine has these books and is staying quite isolated due to the current pandemic, I am hoping to have access to them again in the upcoming months. Thanks for your interest.
  2. When Harrahs was broken up I know of 4 people who retired in an area south of me. These books came from the estate of a former Harrahs employee, what you said makes sense but I think the magazines you noted were only some of the sources, there were many original factory materials included. It may take a couple of months for the border to open again but when it does I will post some pages so people can see what they put together.
  3. I have a friend who owns a set of books that were created by the staff at the Harrahs Automobile museum. These books were used for research and cover most North American cars and trucks from about 1900 to 1935. These are quite detailed with pictures and notes giving everything from engine options, type of transmissions and rear ends, accessories, vehicle specifications right down to the proper jack. There are 7 volumes I would guess about 2000 pages in total. They are all in black and white paper size 11x14. I think these are the only ones known, has anyone else heard of these? My friend said he would lend them to me so that I can make a copy for my self. I expect it might be pricy what would be the interest be if I were have a few copies printed?
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