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  1. Thanks. That is what I thought. I knew the armrests were leather and the white part on the seat. However, I could only see a very small part of the turquoise without taking the black cover off. I figured it was most likely leather though since the other parts are. Thanks for the help.
  2. I own and operate a classic car upholstery shop, so I will probably return it back to the stock pattern in the future. I haven't pulled the covers off to see the original leather upholstery underneath, but the rest of the interior is in good shape. What I can see of the original seat looks decent. It looks to be turquoise and white leather and black cloth inserts matching the door panels. I think the turquoise is vinyl, however it might be leather. I haven't had a chance to look real close yet. I know for sure that the black on the door panel armrests and white on the seat is genuine leather.
  3. It is my first Packard. I also have a 55 Chevrolet 3100, 57 Bel Air, 60 Bel Air coupe, and a 65 Barracuda Formula S. I currently serve as secretary of the Apple Country North Ga region of the AACA. I’m excited about the car.
  4. I am the one who bought the car on Friday. It seems like a decent car. It has sat for the past several years after the previous owner's dad passed away. For the most part, everything I have tried on the car seems to work. The car has every option available in 1956 except for air conditioning. However, there is an A/C system in the trunk. It has power windows, power seat, power steering, power brakes, Wonderbar radio, etc. It also has the Packard torsion bar suspension. The car is self-leveling. When weight is applied to the rear or front of the car, the car suspension will compensate itself ba
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