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  1. You folks really know some incredible details about automobiles. Very impressive. The modifications and accessories noted in the replies, led me to find another image showing the rear of the car. And, yes, that's my mother on the passenger side of the car. As noted in the replies, rather than the license and tail light being in the center of the spare tire, this image clearly shows these items mounted on the left rear fender with the spare tire covered in what looks like a metal case. The non-standard rear bumper in two separate sections also is more clearly shown. The negative for this
  2. Thanks to you as well, Frank. The wheels seemed a bit odd to me, not because of the 6 bolts, but so many of the speedsters and roadsters in that time period I researched seemed to have wire (or even wooden) spoke wheels. Herb
  3. Wayne, many thanks for the confirmation and additional details you observed about the accessories. When searching images to identify this car, the bumpers really threw me since I have not found any similar bumpers on either Chevy or Fords from that era. My father had a job making deliveries which might explain the spotlight. In response to your question, I do believe he liked to be a bit flamboyant, so accessorizing this car or other cars is not a surprise. Here's a photo of my dad taken with his car. I particularly like the attitude expressed by his suit, tie, mussed hair, and
  4. In some old photos of my late parents, I found this gem my father undoubtedly took of my mother. In his papers, he had some notes of cars he owned (although unfortunately not on the photo itself). It looks like he got a different car every year back in the late 20's or early 30's. The list for this time period included: 1927 Ford Speedster, 1928 Chevrolet Convertible, 1929 Oakland Roadster, 1929 Studebaker, 1930 Ford Convertible, and 1932 Ford Roadster. I think this is the 1928 Chevrolet Convertible, but I'm looking for some more expert identification of what I can do by compari
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